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2008.10.05, 08:56 PM
I recently purchased a set of 4x4 Wheels for my Mercedes and I was wondering if there is a sure fire way to get them to work on the back. I tried making my own brackets but when I fully charged my batteries the torque ripped them right off the wheel. Has any one had experience making custom wheels?

2008.10.05, 10:40 PM
couldnt you use model kit wheels and just cut a slot in the backsides to fit the hub?

2008.10.05, 11:29 PM
couldnt you use model kit wheels and just cut a slot in the backsides to fit the hub?

the holes in model wheels are smaller than the axels, and drilling them out would make the center hub on the back of the wheels pretty thin. plus their made of a different material and would probably just break the rims.

2008.10.05, 11:52 PM
alright, wasnt sure? thought id mention it

2008.10.06, 07:14 AM
Even with a lego wheel with stronger plastic than most model kits. By the time you drill it out and make the notches, the centers would split out anyway. About the best way is to graft the center of a racer wheel into the wheel you want to adapt. Most of the time you end up with a wide offset, that is a good thing for the Overlands though.


This is just one way to do it, and yes it look's messy. I also seen the wheel center face filed down and glued to the back of the kit wheels. With enough of the center cut away for the bearing and lugnut.

2008.10.06, 09:40 AM
Well the wheels that I Got are the 4x4 wheels for the xmods truck. I got the fronts on no problem :p but I'm not sure how to make the back wheels fit. As anyone ever done this before?