View Full Version : 2.4GHz Mini-Z Monster conversion help!

2008.10.07, 09:19 AM
I've got all the equipment and am ready to start... but I don't know what to do (complete beginner). Has anyone done this or can they help guide me through the process? Any assistance hugely welcome. Cheers!

2008.10.09, 09:26 AM
Hi there, I was going to do the same thing on my truck but never got anywhere with it. The wires for the steering servo need to be lengthened as the truck's is longer than the cars. Just take your new 2.4 board, line it up with the trucks old board, and you can go from there. Good luck! Also check the 2.4 thread as I beleive other members have done the conversion.

2008.10.09, 02:20 PM
i think nic-z has done it to his monster

2009.01.14, 09:28 AM
Hi, try to use the 2.4 ASF conversion board for MA-010 (AWD), it doesnt need to swap the VR wire (orange, white and green). Just lenghtened all the wire for VR and servo motor. I have just convert my monster, AWD and F1 to 2.4 ASF. it's really greeaaaaaat as i do not face any of the frequency glitch.:)

2009.01.23, 08:12 AM
Hi tongho
Do you recommend the 010 board for the F1 as well

2009.01.25, 02:12 AM
Hi tongho
Do you recommend the 010 board for the F1 as well

For F1, i would recommend the MR02 board. the placement of VR is the same, so it wouldnt need any wire swapping. :D