View Full Version : Toyota Altezza MR15

2008.10.07, 10:14 AM
Hello there. Can the Toyota Altezza accomidate a .5 offset or is it best to get 0 offset? I'm thinking of getting a set of 3R's two tone blue/silver wheels for my blue Altezza, I think it'll look stunning on the blue Altezza. What do you think? Should I stick with the factory 0 offset? And should I use narrow's in the rear or can it handle wides?

2008.10.09, 11:22 AM
Okay, well according to the "chart", I picked up a set of 3Racing's two-tone wheels for my blue Altezza, 0 offset all around with wides in rear. I have used wides on the Altezza before actually, so I knew they'd work.

What 3Racing parts should I avoid? I'd like to do an all 3R MR15 chassis for this blue Altezza. Comments, suggestions? I like how 3R color codes all their settings and you can build up a pretty colorfull chassis! :)
Is 3R good enough to use all their parts together?