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2008.10.07, 11:45 PM
Hi, all.

Just shot a few videos on the test driving of a stock dNaNo sometime ago, and the test track is RC Zone in Beijing. Pls do feel free to comment :)

Throttle demo

Steering demo

Test drive on a long table

Test drive on RCP

Thanks for viewing!

2008.10.08, 12:06 AM
Nice videos. Would have liked to see a few laps at least on the RCP, that was just a tease :P

I think I am going to get one for my Halloween present to myself (have to justify it somehow).

2008.10.08, 12:50 AM

True...more like a teaser :)
As for the demo, it did show ppl it has good precision for steering, and throttle comes with forward/brake/reverse function just like any MR02.

I recently just put in the gyro unit and soon will put in the ball diff...and promise I will put up a longer vid. :)

Meanwhile, do feel free to check out my video blog as in signature...I am planning on shooting a mini-movie about Miniz racing, and calling it 'Project Z'. It should be tons of fun making it(on board cam, special effects, etc), and hope it will be ready by Christmas...

Good luck with the dNaNo acquisition...as always, I recommend keeping the Z and the D farthest away from children and woman. :D

2008.10.08, 12:57 AM
Cant wait to see the film :D

My nephew knows which Z he can play with ;) The one with the dummy chassis and 'retired' body.

How is the Murc? I am undecided which I want to get. I like the 917, then I looked at the stats, RM, short wheelbase... I am thinking either the Murc, 787, or Carrera GT. The 962 looks like it would push too much at speed at least from the videos I have seen it in. Plus, I have 4 962 bodies for the 02, so they kind of lost their flare.

2008.10.08, 01:18 AM
Good management...I got a designated AWD for my gf, and after seeing how she torture it on pavement. I figured it was time to keep car 1 and car 2(both my race cars) as far from her as possible.

The Murc? Man, it's great and I think many ppl getting the Ds do fancy this shell. One thing about the autoscale for the Dnano is that it is rather a thin shell, and might potentially crack if impact any hard object.

In terms of 787 or 962, those shells might suffer the same fate as the 1/27, where they might be a little fragile at the front corners.(I have one for my 02LM, and probably will drive it more often after I find a good way to reinforce the front more). After I install the gyro unit, the car(with murc shell) do tend to be more stable on RCP(used to skid around a little), but it does understeer a lot more. So might have to take that into consideration.

2008.10.08, 08:18 PM
The Murcielago is a great Dnano as is the Ferrari 360. I'm trying to save up for the new white 911 GT3 that just came out, as it's RM to go along with my 934.
They are fantastic cars on any RCP track and a great blast to drive on the Mini96, as I've said previously in another thread, the Dnano's are easier to control on the tighter 96 track than the MR02's which can feel too big.
If you've already got the 962's in Z form, I'd get the Dnano version and have a Mini-Me of theme!

2008.10.09, 09:50 PM
hey aurora...

is the dnano avail in h.k. and beijing? what's the pricing like?