View Full Version : Best Gearing?

2008.10.08, 09:14 AM
Whats the best gear combination to use when driving my Overland through mud, dirt, over rocks, etc.?

2008.10.08, 11:53 AM
i would say use gear 9t and some good size tires

2008.10.08, 04:49 PM
I installed the 9T gear but it doesn't hit the pinion. like I can put the engine in it's place and put the clip on but then the gear doesn't make contact with the pinion. I think I'll just use the one I had in there.

2008.10.08, 04:54 PM
You will need to use the spacer for that pinion.That will move it closer to the main gear.

2008.10.08, 06:12 PM
does the spacer come with my kit? or do I have to make one? I'm not really familiar with this stuff :P

NVM I found the right spacer.