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2008.10.11, 09:19 AM
Hi all, just wondering what you all though about http://www.risingsunracing.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=242&zenid=14a68f4c21d81105f7527351dfcc55ff as it looks like a really good chassis. Looks to be based on the bigger "pan" cars that are raced, so handling wise should be really good and easy to drive.

2008.10.11, 10:18 AM
ill have some hfay time trial results with mine really soon:)

2008.10.11, 04:55 PM
Matt, you should get your group to do the december big track event if yall have the pieces. We can have our friendly MRCG dual that way :D They have an open class where it will be legal for the event.

oopster, I have one of the protos and I havent had it on the track yet. It was an easy, fun build and looks very promising in the handling department. Ill give more feedback once I have some to share.

2008.10.11, 05:27 PM
I've never used one, so my thoughts may be bias but I honestly think for all that extra time, effort and money - they're not worth it.

2008.10.11, 05:39 PM
I cant really argue that point yet, as far as how much value it holds. I can say I havent spent a penny on mine outside of a servo and the kit itself. I allready had an extra ball diff, oil shock, kingpins and knuckles. I got mine while in the process of switching over to 2.4, so mine is running an essentially free AM board. I even got the pan shell I plan on running on it on a hand me down type deal, so it was free too. I guess Ill be rolling the most ghetto MRCG of the group.

2008.10.11, 05:50 PM
ill have some hfay time trial results with mine really soon:)

make sure you send in your times. I'll be posting some Time trials soon :)

2008.10.11, 06:46 PM
I've never used one, so my thoughts may be bias but I honestly think for all that extra time, effort and money - they're not worth it.

only time will tell tom,you know me,i live for building chassis like these:)
for me the normal 02's are a little boring(hence the awd tuning stress ive put myself through)

landon we need one wide L and the inside corner kit,fingers crossed its before december;)
some time trials will be done soon,im gonna work a few with 98mm then drop to 94mm for comparason..

2008.10.11, 07:01 PM
I see where you're coming from man, it's gotta be worth it just for the tatting for you proper hardcore Z'ers!! AWD is the limit for me, hehe! :D

I'm running an AWD now too Matt, for my HFAY. My last months results were using it. Last month it rolled once or twice and for the second race, I quickly (and poorly) lowered it, which compramised the steering.

But I've give it more time now and it's solid! Hopefully this months results will be better! :D

2008.10.11, 07:09 PM
thats great news,glad you have tasted the dark side;)
dont forget to post up the setup

i dont know if everyone has seen color0's videos from ILR,


94mm whitebody,it looks pretty tidy:D

2008.10.12, 02:53 AM
That's running sweet! Much faster than mine!

I have to say though, I do prefer the AWD more than the MR02. It feels so much more stable and tight than an MR02 when you get it setup right! They're so versatile!

2008.10.12, 05:19 AM
I have to say i kinda half agree with Tom, in that all the extra time and money and tatting ... would probably not be worth the benifits.
Though to someone who likes building and tatting to make new RC cars they're a great idea, but i personally dont think that these should be raced against Mini Z, because there not Mini Z, there something else.
Though racing them in general 1/28th class racing would be ok, putting it up against the Z's would be unfair, and as no-one has yet run one out and been able to draw a comparison against a Mini Z, the advantage may not be the way around you are expecting!
Looks real nice though.....hmm...carbon :)

2008.10.15, 07:12 PM
In retrospect to Sunday's racing, Sarah; I honestly think you're better off getting an MR02 first. Preferably a brand new one that's RTR. Diving straight in with a used AWD was/is a big step for a newbie and looking into the MRCG is just nuts! You think AWD is hard? Trust me on this one - I'm sure there's a few who can back me up here.

Not to mention, having an MR02 means that we'll all be able to help a bit more with know how and spares!

2008.10.16, 08:29 AM
Yeah i have to agree with Tom (again..lol) these things are not for the faint hearted, they are a lot of work, when they run i'm sure they are very rewarding, but getting them running isnt easy, and no one at the club would have any spares that they'd be able to help you out with either!
Stock MR02 is a great place to start, its race ready out of the box and you'll see a massive improvement in your lap times just from having a car that runs well.

2008.10.16, 10:15 AM
x3... a stock mr02 with decent tires will get you a long way in terms of hfay. doing that is also alot cheaper than buying an mrcg with elecs, body etc. and will do you better for now like tom and mal have said.

2008.10.17, 05:12 AM
theres another point that has been missed you will not be able to run in the hfay races due to the club only racing in stock class so i would stick with the mini z and get extra race time:)

2008.10.26, 11:36 AM
Think you might be right Tom, I'm looking into it, but I have a problem with the F1 too. It's been really slow these past two events. The first time, I though I'd just charged my batteries at the wrong ampage, but it was just as slow last month. I'm thinking that maybe the motor needs replacing, but it could also be the pinion / servo. What combination do other people run so I can check for comparison.

Btw, I think it's the same place I got my Knight Rider shell, but they've also got the Tamiya speed checker for about 5 each, the postage is a bit, but I was thinking that if we ordered a few between us then it would make more financial sense.

2008.10.26, 11:44 AM
Hey Sarah, good to hear from you! I was worried you weren't coming back after your mistfortune last month! Hope the rest of your Birthday was somewhat better!

As for the AWD, I use a 10 tooth. You might find you need a new motor though. When motors get old they have a thing about going slow. Something to do with brushes? I dunno, maybe ask Mal. I'm not big on motor tech.

It's happened to me once before, and a few others. So that's probably your issue. I have some stock motors and you can have one if that's the issue. ;)

2008.10.26, 12:02 PM
if we are talking hfay motor,mine just expired in a similar way.
the brushes loose tension as the wear,eventually not touching the comm properly(in your larger scales the springs hold the brushes till the end)

2008.10.26, 12:11 PM
The AWD was fine, just need a suitable bodyshell for it then need to get some niggling problems sorted out. The pot seems to need definitely replacing as the steering wiggles on it's own.

It's the F1 motor that needs replacing I think, the speed of the AWD was fine, just the handling. Probably won't be racing in November, but should be there for December.

New shop should also be opeing in late November / early December in Bridgetown, unfortunately, round the corner from Wheelspin, but they mainly do nitro so nothing to worry about.