View Full Version : how rare is the mfb-101 whitebody?

2008.10.12, 12:16 PM
i have one of these new in the box,not sure if i should use it or not as i wouldnt be painting it,if there is interest id sell it:)

2008.10.12, 01:04 PM
yo mk2, i have a mini z F1 for sale if your interested? its chris's old one with the external turbo + "beaten" heroes :rolleyes:[lol james killed body]

i would post you the f1 and you could get the Tx off chris when you meet him next, i would be interested in swapping it for money to use in your shop? gift card basically so i can get parts for my MR-02 i bought of saiyan, oh yer i bort a Fxx body for it and some SQUARE bbs style rims [+1N, +3W] and wondered if you got any bodies suitable for this offset in stock? anyways if you would talk on msn it would be very easier, if not pm me and ill try to reply before you disapear :p

2008.10.12, 01:16 PM
i think chris said he wanted it back but not sure.
if its 98mm ive only got vdsII and enzo whitebody,94mm i have 350z and 575gt in yellow

2008.10.12, 06:27 PM
Which body is this? The release of the new Maclaren's have (thankfully) made F1 white bodies readily available, but someone wanting an early-2000 style may be willing to pay for that style.

2008.10.12, 06:33 PM
thanks for the reply ruf,its the newer mclaren,i googled it and everywhere is out of stock:confused:

2008.10.12, 11:08 PM
Matt, you should google what ProDrive were going to paint their customer Mclaren chassis' and try that for a paint scheme. even if they can't be on the grid for 2008/2009 (effing bernie and his "customer car" rules) they can be on your own grid.:D

2008.10.31, 09:29 AM
I have both mfb-102 and mfb-103 (NIB)F1 WB's are they rare too?

2008.10.31, 09:54 AM
They are all a little hard to come by but I believe the current rarest on is the MFB-101. It comes in a box not a bag.

2008.10.31, 12:46 PM
I have ordered a Force India decal for the F1 white body.
I ordererd from Patos place.