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MiniZ F1
2002.06.01, 08:58 PM
where can i get a 4WD motor that will fit the miniz motor can?

2002.06.02, 06:22 AM
Probably the same place you'll end upo buying a replacement ESC!

Buy a Squat can with bearings from the Mini-ZRacer.com shop.

2002.06.02, 11:57 AM
MiniZ F1, we have the Torque Tuned in stock, haven't had a chance to add it to the Shop yet, let me know if you need one and I'll add it ASAP.

2002.06.03, 12:28 AM
mr. mini-z can you send me a quote on those special motors you have... i want to put one into my f-1 which does not have a turbo at the moment. i have a cousin coming from the u.s. who will be visiting soon...


2002.06.03, 07:46 AM
MiniZF1, do you have a turbo? If not, like Mondo said, I can smell your ESC burning already.

MiniZ F1
2002.06.03, 02:20 PM
ya i have a turbo

Mini Z GT
2002.06.03, 02:55 PM
I have the Atomic tuned armature in my Squat BB can. and the TLP Twin Turbo nothing seems to be wrong @ the moment cuz I raced my car for 6 hours @ Mini Z race track in Markham. Go click on my post about Tamiya motors in this Motor Tech thread, there you will see what some pplz opinion is on Tamiya Motors.