View Full Version : No racing this week! (16th & 19th)

2008.10.14, 05:41 PM
No tuning this Thursday night (16th) and no racing this Sunday (19th). We will resume our regularly scheduled racing program the following week.

Also, we are looking to do our HFAY events on the 26th, so try to be available. Let me know ASAP if you can't make it and maybe we can set up a Thursday night run for you.

2008.10.15, 11:13 AM
Thursday would be better for me LMK

2008.10.26, 11:18 AM
Hey guys, I was gonna try and make it today (26th), but something came up and I won't be there.
BTW, I wound up getting a new MR-02 ASF, some motor mounts that I wanted, and a new WTF front end to try out..plus other assorted goodies...
So I'll be ready to go !!:p

2008.10.27, 05:47 PM
We did run HFAY this last Sunday, but I will be opening up for practice next Sunday (11/02) so feel free to stop on by and get your tune on.