View Full Version : what about some more british cars? you know!

2008.10.16, 05:43 PM
they need a asc of a rolls royce phantom :p wud be lovely.
that grile in the chrome they do the exhausts with on asc's.
soz bout the piccy with bling bling rims, but was bets quality photo that showed grille etc.
cant beat a luxury british car
http://www.lowrideredge.com/features/0501lre_02z+2004_Rolls_Royce_Phantom+Front_View.jp g

and tvr's? they lurvely and wud make a beast of an asc.http://media.nextautos.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/tvr-tuscan-s-gunmetal.jpg

2008.10.16, 09:50 PM
Let's add a Maseratti C12 to that!
I don't think a luxury british car is something that most Z'ers want to race, but then again we do have that Dodge thing.
The TVR would certainly be cool, especially if they could that wicked camilian paint job!

2008.10.17, 07:11 AM
you would be tempted just to cruise round a track with tht rolls.

2008.10.17, 08:58 AM
Let's add a Maseratti C12 to that!

That's an Italian car. Many Italians and British folks would be offended by your comment :D

2008.10.17, 09:28 AM
Yes, I know it's an Italian car, and no offence intendded. I just wanted to add it to the list. But as I've said previously, we don't need another "I want this body thread" now do we? LOL!
I think that Roll's would fit nicely with the exotics. How about a Bently?
I can't see it racing around the track however.

2008.10.17, 09:43 AM
yer lol bentley nice, maybe some normal Aston db9's not the dbr9 Le mans version, or the vanquish lol, m hppy with the huge selection of asc's anyway

but 'good' a luxury car shud be done eg rolls, as they did the chrysler 300c [lol] didnt they? which is an ... attempt of a luxury car haha

anyway rolls is owned by germany now [shame]. still hand built here tho :p

2008.10.17, 09:55 AM
I want a Mercedes Benz 190E Evolution II. Sweet looking car. Not exactly British, but luxury. And I don't want the racing version, I want the street version.


I think this car would fit the class we're talking about! I suppose the racing version could be made too, but I want to see the street version in black, gun-metal gray like the Mini Cooper, silver, red, and white.

2008.10.17, 10:29 AM
a mercedes i like atm is the cls, could do the amg version

2008.10.17, 10:57 AM
Since we're actually talking British cars here, I want to see the Lotus Esprite, like the ones in James Bond movies and the newer 97-98 Turbo models! Elise would be sweet, but been told impossible due to it's low rear end.

2008.10.17, 11:28 AM
I'd like a Jaguar XJ220

2008.10.17, 12:38 PM
yes they are nice, 2 cars from the early 1990's that exceed 210mph! the f1 was a real feat as it took a long time until it was beaten, and then it was only by 1mph, which isn't an achievement really, as with that much more time Mclarean could make the f1 better im sure.

2008.10.17, 12:40 PM
other british cars could be the noble m12 http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/images/front_picture_library_UK/dir_430/car_photo_215320_7.jpg
or the vauxhall vx220

2008.10.17, 01:24 PM
I see a touch of Lotus in both of those cars!