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2008.10.16, 09:48 PM
Hello. I'm tempted to build another Micro-T as I sort of miss my Miss America truck.
Who makes the damn best aluminum upgrades for the Micro-T? I really like HR's carbon-fiber/aluminum accent chassis as the basic frame. I was thinking of useing Atomic for the rest of the stuff and going with Titanium with some silver accents such as knuckles and swing arms.
Are the Atomic peices very good in the Micro-T? They look the best, but how do they function?
I want to build this for lot's of play more than a show-peice like Miss America was. So, I need somthing that's robust yet still look very trick.
So can anybody tell me if I should go all Atomic? Also, what's the best tire degree for all terrain?

2008.10.17, 07:05 AM

hes selling one that needs servo, would be a good starting point.

2008.10.17, 09:14 AM
Thank's but that's not the carbon chassis I'm interested in. I really like HR's carbon-fiber one with the aluminum accents.

2008.10.17, 12:30 PM
3Racing is what I've got on mine. The Tamiya TRF blue is pretty sweet too! The new Losi shocks are as good or better than the 3Racing shocks which were considered the best once you glued the pistons to the shafts.

2008.10.17, 01:12 PM
Thank's ruf!

2008.10.18, 09:20 PM
I have seen listed on ebay, that Team Losi now has their very own receiver designed to work with their Xceleroin brushless speed controller? Is this true? Should I get this special new reveiver? What transmitter will work with it? I dont' want to buy another expensive Spektrum radio/receiver combo.

2008.10.19, 01:06 PM
this is the one i have ordered for my brushless setup wont find out till monday weather its good or not SPORTWERKS-SWK4001-MAMBA-COMPETITION-X-RECEIVER-MINI-T

2008.10.19, 02:24 PM
Hmmm, it sais Mini-T, yet we're talking Micro-T.

2008.10.19, 02:32 PM
the place i bought it from say`s it will work on the micro-t aswell all let you know when i get it

2008.10.19, 03:39 PM
It'll work if it'll fit! LOL! Good luck!

2008.10.20, 01:49 PM
hi marc looks like the guy i bought the receiver from was wrong it doesn`t fit even if you decase it so i decided to use one from my mini slider instead heres some pics pics of mine all modded u with alloy from hot racing i got it this way only thing i added was the brushless setup
as it sits now

2008.10.20, 02:03 PM
the losi receiver works with the stock controller, and uses a 3 wire servo. so you would need a 3 wire servo, your stock controller, and the bl esc/motor.

as far as chassis, id try to stay away from hr, u will find little problems with them, from screw holes not lining up to screws not staying in and falling out. hr is integ y(why cant we put integ y), their the same company, most integ y parts are pretty soft and bend easy. some of the better best upgrades for the micro's are 3racing, losi, thetoyz and gh racing has some pretty nice parts too.

ive always seen it as, if u have to spend a few bucks more for a better brand, do it, its less of a headache in the end.

and did u build the miss america micro or buy it from someone?

also boohoo, the name fits for the receiver u got, lol. no seriously, the receiver u got is the 2.4 ghz one for the losi mlst2 ;) the only other receiver i seen that works in the micro other than the specky is the redcat one out of its case for their 1/16th scales. which also works with the stock controller.

2008.10.20, 02:40 PM
I built the Miss America Micro-T from the ground up. Everything aftermarket except differential! The body was custom airbrushed by MBZ Customs.

2008.10.20, 03:03 PM
I built the Miss America Micro-T from the ground up. Everything aftermarket except differential! The body was custom airbrushed by MBZ Customs.

didnt ever know this was the same marc, lol. now i do. i knew awhile ago u had it up for sale, i think it ended up going on ebay. now u want another, lol. should have kept that one, it was one of the nicest ones ive seen. ive gone through 1 buggy project, now on a second and a micro dragster. i need to finish them up, probably this winter, after i move next month.

hipster on here is about to sell a bunch of micro-t hop ups and maybe some other goodies, so u might watch and see what he has.