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2008.10.18, 03:49 PM
who here has swapped all 4 fets ont their board? did you notice a difference? what fets did you use? do you think its neccesary?
thanks for the responses

2008.10.19, 12:00 AM
When doing a Fet job I prefer replacing all the 3010's rather than the "adding a layer on top" method, this is so I get maximum performance from the new Fets. The power difference is noticeable. I like a lot of power though, I run mostly custom TSM handwinds that are usually hotter than the two usual-suspect mod-class motors - The Anima and the Chili. Although I run these two motors on occasion for comparison runs.
Now that the "Open FET" rule has been adopted by the PNWC, HFAY, and many other racing groups, it can be very beneficial to trade-up on the 3010's. For Stock class racing, the added current handling & lesser resistance from Fets like the PN AN0113 and the SP8M4 can put more power to a stock motor. And for mod-class (My fave), upgraded Fets are usually a good idea if not necessary in order to safely run mod-class handout motors like the Anima and Chili. I went with 2x2 PN AN0113 Fets (4 Fets total) to replace all the 3010's on my Fetted 2.4 MR02.
Fetting isn't absolutely necessary though: With motors in the mid-range as far as being hot goes - Like the Stock-R, the PN Speedy AD, and the Atomic Stock-AD, the stock 2.4 PCB's 2x2 3010 Fets (4 Fets total) I think make a very good match. With some good batteries + one of these motors a stock 2.4 board can be really fast.
All in all it boils down to what kind of motor you want to run and how much power you want to have. With some high-power nimh AAA cells available, like Intellect 750's, Team Orion 900HV / 750SHO, and Pro-Matched cells by different companies, there are many ways you can set up your car to be fast. Hope this helps

2008.10.19, 01:25 PM
i want it to run like a stacked sp8m4 real smooth throttle with lots of punch. i'm only running a pn stock. i can't find any comparison to the an113 vs sp8m4 and the 8858.

2008.10.20, 07:34 PM
I got a question felix2010, are fets harder 2 put on a 2.4ghz board than AM board? I heard the fet pads are smaller, is that true?

2008.10.20, 08:17 PM
they are the same size but smaller space around them(watch out for the small surface mount capacitor next to the motor screw holes)
the pads are also easier to lift

2008.10.20, 10:58 PM
the pads are also easier to lift

Much easier to lift, actually. I did a 2x2 SP8M4 on a couple of cars, much better punch and throttle response, in my opinion. They are the only FETs that I currently use on my cars.

2008.10.21, 12:31 AM
Definitely listen to Flash, he is my FET guy:)

2008.10.21, 03:27 PM
Awwww, thanks bro :D

2008.10.28, 05:45 AM
Much easier to lift, actually. I did a 2x2 SP8M4 on a couple of cars, much better punch and throttle response, in my opinion. They are the only FETs that I currently use on my cars.

SO you are saying the sp84m is better than the others as far as the upgrade is concerned.?

I have 2 FET cars a ma10 2 x 3 ano113 and an X-Z conversion 2 x 2 atomic mods cheepies. both are on AM boards.
Both cars improved over stock.
Who can say for sure which fet upgrade is the best preforming?
anyone have any tech info?

As far as the pads being easy to lift. Anybody else use the 'chopstick method', two soldering irons one on each side of the chip at the same time until it just comes off the board? no lifted pads!

Would replacing and stacking the fets on my 2.4 gig cars, which are already 'stacked', make them 'underivable' at full throttle like my ma10 pretty much is?
2x2 stockers to 2x4 upgrades? thoughts?