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2008.10.21, 11:05 AM
right guys random q... i want to know if its possible to double motors and steering on a stock 3010 board? so it runs 2 stock mini-z overland servo's and 2 stock mini-z motors... thanks:)

2008.10.21, 12:20 PM
Kind of hard to get the position reading from 2 servos with one circuit...

As for Drive motors... I guess it may work if you dont over load the fets...

In the older PCBs (not the 2.4) the steering and motor fets are the same, you could theoreticaly use it as a 2 channel tank... a motor driving by the servo fets, with out using the sensor, and a motor in the rear. May or may not work... might need to use the one with out the brakes.

2008.10.21, 12:39 PM
thanks for that:) im thinking of modding my overland see, i dont necesarily need double servo's, but it would help alot. im running the motors on low gearing, so they should be ok id have thought, just wanted to check.

2008.10.22, 01:51 PM
My twin motored vette. The motors are wired in series. You run it parallel it would demand way too much from the board for sure. That's on a 3004 fet board, and I did have to replace the fets with 4562's. Like drac said the servos are complicated to double up on, I would not even know where to start there. Last thing to point out is the motors do run slower with two on just four cells. To do what you are wanting to do, it would be best to design a whole new board from scratch, and have it run at least eight cells or more. That is beyond what any mini z board can take. If it's a rock rig, you may be able to get by on a six cell setup, even then the board is very close to it's limit.

2008.10.22, 02:28 PM
ok... i am going for a rock rig/trail rig setup... i think i have worked out a way to do the steering i think, it will need alot more tourque probably, im thinking of trying an 8x4:eek: if i have the front servo working, empty out the 2nd one, then have a link running to the 2nd axel/servo, that could work. its suspension i need to think about next, goin to need 8 shocks:eek:
i need to track down parts and cash at the moment anyway, should be fun!

2008.10.22, 02:56 PM
oh, like an eight wheeled crane?

2008.10.22, 04:15 PM
kinda... im more after this kinda look for it:
:D its going to be incredibly hard lol... im up for a challenge though:D

2008.10.24, 07:24 PM
Something like this?

I can see it done, but I am sure standard RC electronics (not the mini Z pcb) would need to be used. This way a y-harness can be used for the two servo boxes. Rip appart two micro servos for the driver boards to adapt the overland servos with. The a spy speed control to run the motors with. This way you can run the amps you need to run all that stuff.

2008.10.26, 01:58 PM
cor this is gona be expensive and hard:eek: ill look into custom elecs... ill be ok running 1 servo probably, if i can get the links right, then its a matter of the double motors.... im gona need more money anywho, i can see the body being expensive let alone the chassis:rolleyes: ill look into standard elecs tho, thanks for the idea:)
edit: anyone wondering why i want an 8x8, check this out-

2008.10.26, 04:36 PM
Again, good luck with the build!
I had a quick search for 8x8 1:25/1:28 model kits but can't seem to find what your looking for in those scales. So have fun searching :D

2008.10.26, 04:49 PM
i was looking at actros's and scanias in 1/24 lol... theyre a tad expensive, its alot cheaper to buy a wad of styrene and build something from scratch:D
i should be getting cash fairly soon (in the next few weeks) so i can buy the extra 'axels' i need, motors, gears, elecys, links, tires, wheels, shocks... hopefully i can find them all second hand from somewhere.