View Full Version : energizer 15 minute quick charger and red flashing lights...

2008.10.21, 02:30 PM
so i have 5 sets of intellect 750s that refuse to charge on my energizer 15 minute charger. no matter what order i put the cells in, i always get the flashing red light. all my other sets of batterys (GB 850/orion 900/duracell 1000/energizer 850-1000) all charge with no problems, but the intellects do not charge, or at least, they throw that little red light.

what can i do to get these cells to charge? i would hate to have to throw away 5 sets of cells. ive already had to throw away 2 sets that have vented.

any advice?

2008.10.21, 02:53 PM
the intellect batteries don't like charging at the 3 amps that the energizer 15 minute charger uses. if they do charge you will end up venting them pretty quickly. I never had any luck getting them to charge in mine.

the intellects like a more reasonable charging amp of around .9 to 1.1 amp. for best results.