View Full Version : Track builder program for RCP track?

2008.10.22, 05:09 PM
Where can I find the track builder program for RCP tracks? I have two wide L and two 45 degree corners as well as a large Nascar oval. I would like to pre plan some tracks before setting them up.

2008.10.22, 06:51 PM
yeah, me too. I'd like to know.

2008.10.22, 07:24 PM
Only one I am aware of is on www.rcptracks.com Click the link on bottom left of homepage to "Try Our New Track Builder"

2008.10.22, 08:20 PM
^ Its been down for weeks, and now if you click it, it looks like the domain ran out.

If either of you have AutoCadd, I could possibly send you a little template I made. The RCP track builder didnt have wide radius or 45* tiles, but I have them both on my template.

This is the layout we are running.

2008.10.29, 06:33 PM
Here's some stuff from Google Sketchup courtesy of PridgeOK. It's Mini-96 tile, but the layout was done in 50cm tile.


TRP also has a pay software that's supposed to be pretty good. I'll try to track it down.