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Red Team
2008.10.23, 11:25 AM
Hi guys,

I searched the entire subforum and I couldn't find a word about the PN Racing 800mah High Power Battery AAA...I guess they are not good enough or what ? Anyone tried them ?


I want to use them at our carpet track, together with the 70T PN motor for the kids / novice class, cause they don't take such good care of batts. and they need cheap stuff.

So what do you guys thing about those baterries ?

Thank you for your input !


Ibrake Ifry
2008.11.02, 10:57 PM
These batteries are old i think. I just bought a couple of packs for 5 bucks a pop and i needed to cycle them quite a few times for them to accept a full charge at a good charge rate. After cycling they have decent punch for practicing etc.

Red Team
2008.11.03, 07:32 AM
Thanks...! Seems that no one else was trying these ?

2008.11.03, 11:37 PM
I used these cells a few years ago for racing with an Atomic Stock that I wanted to slow down a little. Certain batteries that arent as punchy work well for higher power motors to take a little edge off and make the car easier to drive without having to change setup or use transmitter/PCB functions to adjust throttle speed.

I use my R1Wurks or SHO 750 cells for the PN 70t, older Orion 900s (which are a little slower than the R1s) for Speedy 07BB/Atomic Stock, and Team Scream 900s for modified motors. I use the Orions for practice with all motors. I usually try to save one battery pack for the mains, and use them that one time, after a full charge set to peak before the main.

The best cheap batteries for 70t races are the Duratrax 750's. I wouldnt recommend them for faster motors. They dont really have a good amount of capacity. All of my cells average about 500-650mah. I dont think that even one of the cells discharges 700mah. But they have just as much punch as the best cells I have used with the 70t motor, even with the Speedy 07. I have won a few MR015 and Nascar championships with these cells. Last time I stocked up on them, 1 cell out of every other pack was dead. I like these for practice, mainly because they have alot of punch when you dont really need to worry about running 10 minutes... I usually like to run the faster cells I have in practice, to see where the car needs work. Why would you want to practice with slow cells, only to get into the race with fast cells and have it run loose or push?

Ibrake Ifry
2008.11.19, 11:44 AM
For the money these are good cells to slow your car down. although maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to use the eco motor. I heard its pretty slow and batteries last forever on them.

EMU: I do agree these are not good cells to practice on because when i put in my r1works or 750 sho i get really loose. I bought 6 packs of duratrax batteries at 4$ a pack on tower(3 bad cells:mad:) and i now use those for practice and try to dial in a bit of understeer. As far as capacity you are right they really don't have much (same average) and i had to match my packs so that i would get a couple packs that last a lil longer and be able to charge them in series better. I did notice that straight from the package a few cells where horrible in capacity so after 5 or so cycles they are ok.

2008.11.19, 11:50 AM
a little old but hope it helps...