View Full Version : Saturday Night Racing

2008.10.24, 12:51 AM
We are racing every Saturday night at 6 pm. Come on down and race. If you are new to Mini-Z, we have a solid novice class. Many friendly people are at the track to help out with set-ups.

See you at the track.

2008.10.31, 07:30 PM
Racing tomorrow at 6 pm.

2011.06.05, 12:17 AM
I had an awesome time racing tonight. The facility is a mini z maniac's dream
come true.....:cool:
3 tracks.....24-2.4ghz (customized) rental mini zs .......:D
They were fully rented the whole afternoon......:cool:
They had a birthday party too...12 kids on the track...:D
Then came the racing.....2 qualifiers and AAA mains with bump ups.....:cool:
I raced 8 times....:eek:
I dont know how Bhing (sp??) does it....
They even have a mini z summer camp...(wish I was a kid again)
Now I realize why he has all the BIG mini Z events......:D
Thanks for a great time and I cant wait to come back and race with you guys and girls again!!!

I almost forgot about the dim sum restaurant downstairs....:cool: