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2008.10.24, 01:32 PM
just burnt the circut board on my mr-01 skyline. i was wondering if the circut board for the mr-02 will fit. i dont want to throw away the car because i have way to many upgrades on it.
any advice?


2008.10.24, 04:31 PM
All the PCBs for MR01 MR02 AWD F1 OLand etc.. are the same foot print... the wires are usualy different lengths, but they usually reach. If you can solder at all, you can always swap the wires...

I have a MR01 PCB in my MR02... I would recomend resoldering the Eye-hole terminals that connect the pcb to chassis in your case, the MR02 are a bit small, and the MR01 are way over kill big.

2008.10.25, 09:04 PM
thanks buddy,
how do they get them going so fast without burning them. all i have is a mini z motor which says 38800 rpm on it. i have it mounted in a titanium motor mount. i seen videos on u tube where they reach 45 miles per hour. how the heck can they do that? i just put my motor in and burnt the board!