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2008.10.24, 09:21 PM
Who are we voting for?





2008.10.24, 09:47 PM
Here's my choice..........
Robin Williams-President
Eddie Murphy-Vice President
and either Jim Carry or Jerry Springer for Secretary of Defence! :D

Yes, I'm being a smart azz. But also saying I don't like either current choices.

2008.10.24, 11:37 PM
The voting system is nothing more then a way to make the people THINK they have power over who is president... when we dont have any power or choice at all... so it is pointless. However I HATE obama.. he comes across as anti american... so I have no choice but to vote for McCain.

2008.10.25, 01:22 AM
How does Obama come across as anti-American? What is your definition of "American" then? I know that my opinion of "American" is very different than many peoples in the country. Living in NYC, there is a much different viewpoint of America than there is everywhere else in the country.

I think that McCain/Palin would hurt this country as much, if not more than Bush has. I will be voting for Obama, because he will run this country better than McCain. I also think that Gore would have made a MUCH better president than Bush. Although I would have rather had Hillary on the ballot, Obama is the better candidate compared to McCain.

I agree with your statement about our voting not counting. Bush lost the popular vote (our votes), but managed to win the electoral college votes (the ones that actually count) and was elected president.

2008.10.25, 10:23 AM
Ralph Nader! Lol Jk..... That mans a nut-job.

I like McCain, hes reletively down to earth.

I dislike Obama due to the fact has Muslim, He has close ties to a terrorist, and his gas plan is to properly inflate your tires. Also he wants to pull an Australia and ban ALL guns from citizens.

2008.10.25, 12:10 PM
Sometimes I wish I wasn't Canadian...

I love to see how biased people can become due to which television broadcasts they watch about the candidates. Xoxide is a perfect example (no offense man) of someone who's payed attention to the right wing media like Fox news and they lambasting of Barack Obama. It seems to me (being an outsider who has no direct influence) that all of the negative media directed towards vilifying Obama has been proven by other media(that may have their on leftish agenda, who knows?) to be unworthy of mention.

1.Obama's "ties to a terrorist" have to do with being on the same government commitee with a 50ish man who once admitted to be a domestic rabblerouser in the late sixties....you could call half the American nation a terrorist by that standard in the Vietnam protest era.:D

2. Obama is not Muslim...his father is Kenyan and his mother is American and both have/had close ties to the Christian community.

3. Obama's gun policy is more in line with what Canada is using...which seems to be working because our percentage of gun violence is much less than America's(percentage overall not by population differences)

If I were a US citizen, I'd probably vote for Obama because he's is different from the norm, the norm being a republican government. He may have less time as a public figure but to me that shows that he's had less time to build a base of cronies and sycophants that will come running to get paid off when he comes to power. It's been proven in the Bush years and I really don't see much different in the McCain party that this can change. Sarah Palin as VP is a prime example:

1. Government money received for Alaska's "bridge to nowhere" project (that was never started) is not to be returned. I can't remember the exact total but it's in the 100's of millions.

2. It was recently reported that the republican party spent $150000usd in six weeks on clothing for Sarah Palin...so much for the "down home hockey mom" status.

There are a couple other reported incidents but I don't want to spend too much reading space on her...just remember that due to McCain advanced age and health problems Sarah Palin has a decent chance of taking over the presidency if John ever has (god forbid) epic health problems. It's more about the fact that she's woefully more inexperienced than Obama and in fact didn't even know what her duties as VP would be even after she was slated in public for the job.

As for John McCain, I find it funny these T-shirts going around that call him "the Great AmerMcCain Hero":

1. An article recently resurfaced that was written by McCain four days after his capture and placed in a prison camp that called for his and US forces surrender...no BS.:eek:

2. His classification as a "down to earth" guy would be considered suspect considering he and his wife own seven homes...what part of the earth makes him a "regular guy":rolleyes:

3. Speaking of his wife did you know he was previously married? It is a fact that Cindy McCain became his wife after he had an affair with her and his first wife was in a car crash that eventually claimed her life(not before he already "moved on")

There is no doubt John McCain has the relative experience to be President but I view him as being a lesser shadow of G. Bush and I think if Mccain does get voted into office it will set about a huge non confidence collapse of the world markets starting in the US. Being that the stock market troubles today have come about from the governments lack of attention (and that's really what it all boils down to) how confident will the world be when John McCain (aka little Bush) reaches the top step of government?

Of course my opinion doesn't really matter (being Canadian) but I just thought I'd take a moment to express my views...I really do believe that REAL change will only come from an OBama/Biden vote.;)

2008.10.25, 03:35 PM
The problem really is THIS. Those that are smart enough and good enough to BE president, are also smart enough NOT TO BE president! There are a lot of people out there I'd vote for if they decided to run. Charles Gibson for one, that reporter that used to be in Good Morning America and is now doing Prime Time? He'd be great! But again, those that are smart enough to DO the job, are smart enough NOT to do the job! LOL!
Really hard to choose when you dont' like either.

Question should be, who'd be worse than who we already have?

2008.10.25, 06:32 PM

I find it interesting that you find TV/Movie personalities suitable to fill the highest government job in the USA....you do realize that when you see these people on TV they are usually acting smart or reading lines given to them by other people.

If I was pick one TV person who seems to be among the smartest people on TV that doesn't have any sort of cronyism agenda...Fareed Zakaria.;) he's probably the smartest Tv pundit/author I've read in this day and age.


2008.10.25, 08:38 PM
Yes you are right for the most part. But I beleive these particular ones I've chosen come up with a lot of their own stuff. Robin Williams in particular. Eddie Murphey, questionable, but I think he also makes up his own as is does Jim Carry. Jim I'm less certain as I dont' know him as well as the first two. I just put Jerry Springer in there for the fun of it.
A side note: I'm not into politics at all, but I would tend to think "acting" has a lot to play in it. Bluffing your "openents", communicating, et'c. Usually a very good actor as the four mentioned are also very good communicators and speech-givers.
I chose Charles Gibson as he's pretty well into what's going on around the world and he's a very smart man. He also has persoanlity that suggests leadership. Again, those that are smart enough to BE president, are also smart enough NOT TO BE president.
My Dad kind of likes the idea of Arnold for president.

2008.10.25, 11:59 PM
To tie all the economic problems to the Bush administration and call John McCain little Bush is outrageous. Since 2001 the house republicans and even McCain have been warning about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These mostly democratic run institutions were at the front of this collapse. Over and over again house and senate democrats voted not to regulate these companies. Yes that’s right democrats voted against regulation because their buddies would be affected. My worries about Obama are not with his connections to terrorist but with his refusal to take on his party. Not to mention his spread the wealth comment, which finalized my decision. By the way I voted for Gore in 2000 and he should of run this year.

Dusty Weasle
2008.10.26, 08:33 AM
I realize this is a futile gesture, but like a man drowning in the ocean, I tread on in hope.

The reality is decade upon decade of Republi-crat governance (from the Presidency, to Congress, on down to our now bankrupt cities) has landed us where we are today, and the tax-and-spend 'ideas' of the Big Two candidates continue pushing us down that bankrupt road of Socialism.

I'm breaking the cycle for myself and voting for Bob Barr. Yes, he won't win, but voting for the other two won't do any good and every vote that goes away from them will get their attention. I don't believe either have the, lets call it governing honesty, to reject party corruption and set our country back on the path to prosperity.

Barr's platform is the same one that made our country great in the beginning. Self-reliance and personal responsibility with very limited government. Expensive government is what sunk us into unrecoverable debt. The Big Two think the solution is to spend our way out of it?!?!

Barr is the candidate who recognizes that step #1 is to cutoff government spending and stop the bleeding. And from a Libertarian point of view, government doesn't belong in much of what they spend on in the first place.

Before you reject Bob Barr and the Libertarians out-of-hand, please check their website or watch Barr's statements in easy YouTube form. There's plenty there. You might be surprised just how much you agree with him.

But, if you agree with one of the Big Two, then by all means vote for them. Vote honestly.

Below is an email I got that addresses this idea. I've attached the pictures that came with it.


“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution”.
--- John Adams, October 2, 1789

For too long, the Two Great Parties, Republican and Democrat, have ruled these United States as a de facto monopoly. While competing interests, they jointly guard power amongst themselves, using their entrenched positions to reduce the access and influence of legitimate 'third party' and independent candidates.

For too long, the Two Great Parties have run our country with priority on their own jealous maintenance of power rather than the long term interests of the people. So much so that the end result of their policies are little distinguishable from one another.

For too long, the Two Great Parties have grown government influence and intrusion, diminished liberty, and critically weakened our security and personal welfare by repeatedly mortgaging our futures to prop up government largess.

Yet for all this power, as entrenched as they may be, they are powerless against the free will of the people. No force of arms is needed to change the powers-that-be. No bloodshed. Not even a raised voice. Just a vote. Our founding fathers were wise men indeed.

For too long, but no longer, shall this tyranny stand. It's time to fire the Republicans and Democrats. We literally can't afford even one more year of their administrations.

Third party and independent candidates are running for all levels of government. Look up what they have to say on the issues. If you believe in what they stand for then vote for them. Don't vote for The Big Two just because you're told 'they are the only ones that can win'.

The only way to “throw your vote away” is to vote for someone you don't want to. Worse still, you falsely send the message that you agree with them. Your vote is your voice, say what you mean.

If you vote for the candidate you dislike the least, the best you'll get is a leader you dislike.
If you vote for the candidate you believe in, the best you'll get is a leader you trust.

If you vote your conscience, you can't lose.

I am The Angry American,
and I approve this message.

Forward this to 10 people right away and something good might happen to you soon... The candidate you really want might just get elected.

2008.10.26, 12:26 PM
i vote obama.

some people say Sarah palin is smart them him..... :facepalm:

2008.10.26, 12:45 PM
I looked at Barr and I 100% agree. The bailout was a slap in the face for taxpayers. But the truth is He's not going to win and in my opinion McCain is the better of the two major candidates. Obama's socialist views just dont do it for me.

2008.10.26, 01:39 PM
This has turned into a somewhat interesting debate...

Some of what Barr has to say is very reminiscent of what the Canadian NDP (New democratic party) have to say every election time and since Canada actually has a multi party election (we even have a Marijuana Party:p) we get to see how Canadians really feel about their government. We just had our federal election (which took six weeks instead of your ridiculous year and a half:rolleyes:) and we wound up with another minority led government. That essentially means that nothing will get done unless all parties agree to work together...

Unfortunately, the US system doesn't support a multi party platform and the media portrays Libertarians as radicals....no wonder they get the bum rush in this day of the TV nation.

fred, I find your view that Obama is a "socialist" is a bit short sighted. In all the speechs I've watched (and I'm a bit of a political nut) the media's portrayal of his socialism seems to be nothing more than him suggesting that the richest of the rich don't deserve a easy ride of it anymore. In my view, socialism is not about changing the laws that benefit the top 5%, it's about making everyone equal (which can never happen in a country like the USA).

If I was American and in the same position I am in now, I'd feel strongly that it is unfair that people and companies that have most of the countries money get more in the way of tax relief/breaks while the average joe pays more in personal taxes than ever before. The disparity is unlikely ever to change (why bite the hand that feeds you, right?:D)but the country could create more income for itself (and reduce it's deficit) by creating a more balanced percentage of taxation for the largest of earners in your country. If you want to call that socialist then blame my canadian upbringing...

2008.10.26, 03:25 PM
Why place a higher income tax on those who generate jobs and know how to make money? Why not just completely do away with income tax altogether, and do a Fair Tax? The first candidate who actually campaigns that they are going to implement a Fair Tax will actually get me out to vote. That, or a Libertarian who actually stands a chance, something about small government and personal responsibility really gets me interested. As it stands, I'm not voting, that's what the electoral college is for.

2008.10.26, 07:12 PM
I don't Obama's plan as charging them more tax...just making it even with the higher tax rate that regular American's pay. I'd call that a "Fair" tax, wouldn't you?;)

(I know how you feel on this subject aaron and i'm not out to goad you into a tax debate...I just see lots of what's reported on Barack Obama misrepresented in the mainstream media.):cool:

2008.10.26, 07:29 PM
Obama says he will offer a tax break to 95% of Americans. Considering that 40% of that 95% don’t pay taxes his plan turns into a tax credit for that 40%. Translation welfare. Small business make up a large part of our tax base and this is the group he wishes to tax the most. I would love to see a candidate offer a flat tax for everyone. Why do I have to pay a higher penalty for being successful?

Dusty Weasle
2008.10.27, 01:32 AM
The trouble with any tax model is the lack of accountability at the other end. It doesn't matter if everyone pays 60% income tax, or if we make Bill Gates support the entire US by himself. Our two party monopoly always spends more than they take, and that rate of overspending has been increasing at a wildly irresponsible rate pushing us to economic collapse and a debt that will never be paid down.

I'm still seeing the 'vote for one that can win' motivation. Remember, you're registering your endorsement for a person/party and policies. You don't get an asterisk next to your vote if you cast it for the 'lesser evil'.

I'll reiterate from before- The Electoral College will make McCain or Obama the winner, but your vote does count. Look at the popular vote uproar from Algore in 2000. The parties look at where the votes they didn't get went. Imagine if Barr got just 20% of the popular vote, that's a staggering number of people saying they want a new direction. Then in 2012, who knows...

We're always told “we have the power because we can vote out of office those that fail”. But we keep voting from the same pool of bankrupt policies. Nothing will change until we change.

If you believe in McCain or Obama then cast your vote with them. If you believe that both will continue down this destructive path, then vote for someone else. And of course if you agree with no candidate, don't endorse any with a vote (or write yourself in!). We really need a “None of the Above” category in this country.

In my previous statements I've endeavored to be neutral, not to sway toward one candidate but rather to vote for your honest opinion. Now if I could shift to my own person slant for a moment-

There are many who believe the wealthy should pay more of their share, a “patriotic duty” as Senator Biden stated. I encourage you to stand by your convictions. Stand your ground for the fairness you believe in. Lead by example and amend your 2007 tax return today and send in a check with extra money.

What can you spare that you don't need? Next time you go to pick up a steak for the weekend dinner, the ground beef is just as good. Who needs cable when the broadcast airwaves are free. Send in that difference and other savings you can make. Send it in and help our government spread the wealth around. Thank you for your support.

(Damn politics, I could have been working on my Mini-Z's all this time :eek: )

2008.10.27, 09:52 AM
LOL! Bill..........I bet Bill could pay off half of our debt and still have change left over! LOL!

2008.10.27, 05:33 PM
The hipocrasy of all of it is killing me (yes, that's me... the crazy guy laughing out loud on the street corner, watching you all do your thang)... and why the do we Americans put up with all of it? Simple...

The Majority of you out there:

are well fed and have easy access to get more food...

have heat or cold at the flick of a switch...

have running water at the turn of a knob...

are not being invaded by other clans/factions/tribes/countries on a daily basis...

are fairly healthy and do not require constant medical attention...

have a very interesting box to look at and keep your mind off really important things...

and if it seems like you are all getting to close to the reality of what actually goes on with the world, they'll just show something newer, more exicting, and easily understood on that little box. (in my brief history on this mudball, I've found that big explosions keep your attention for a fairly long while, and also make your minds run around like a bunch of nuts... must be all the preservatives in the foods)

Look... All I can say is, be more informed. Don't go to the TV, talk radio, or the newspaper if you want to undestand politics. If someone is that one-sided, it should be obvious you're never going to get the WHOLE truth. Spend a few hours looking for neutrality journalism out there on the web, it's tough, but it does exist. (the little guys seem to care more about their subject matter too) Also... if someone is complaining about so-and-so pushed this bill through, and the other guy voted against it... read the entire bill, not just the juicy parts that apply to how you want to see it.

And if it all seems like "We the people" has been erased from that brilliant document from so long ago... it's our fault, nobody else's.

I still have hope for all of mankind, I'm sure we'll figure most of it out eventually. (sooner rather than later hopefully) But I'm pretty sure it's not going to matter who is President of what when we ALL decide to stop the pettiness and live for our own higher causes.

2008.10.28, 08:07 PM
Ralph Nader! Lol Jk..... That mans a nut-job.

I like McCain, hes reletively down to earth.

I dislike Obama due to the fact has Muslim, He has close ties to a terrorist, and his gas plan is to properly inflate your tires. Also he wants to pull an Australia and ban ALL guns from citizens.

you ARE joking right?

Not that I'm voting for one or the other, but Obama is NOT a Muslim... just because he was on the same council with someone doesn't make for "close ties"... AAA has been saying for years that properly inflated tires can add to your gas mileage meaning filling up less (even McCain admitted that afterwards)... and he doesn't want to ban guns, he just wants to make sure that they don't get into the hands of the wrong people... he'd better not take MY guns away....

2008.10.29, 01:38 PM
You have to realize when you use words like "socialism", you are buying into the campaign slogans. Every major civilized economy has adopted a degree of socalism. Examples of socialism: roads, bridges, schools, library, mail delivery, social security, police, fireman. Imagine how difficult it would be to do business if you have to pay for police protection, pay to drive to work, and most of the workforce cannot read or write. Then we would be a third world country. Because it turns out that the most efficient way to run an economy is to have a degree of socialism. The only pure capitalism now adays is China where there is tainted milk and lead paint because there is no government intervention. By the way, the stimulus checks is socialism. Nobody complains about it being socialism. And the wealthy bankers don't complain about socialism this time on the bailout when it benefits them instead of the ordinary folks.
Another misunderstanding is the nacistic attitude of Joe the plumber. Why should he be penalized for working hard and be sucessful. His me, my and mine attitude thinks he did it all by himself. He didn't do it by himself. Many people died along the way to make America the land of opportunity, and give us the freedom we have. Many of those people did not make it rich. It is very selfish to say you made it all and get to keep it all. It takes a lot of money to run a country and provide for social service like schools to help the next generation. People who can afford 5 cars should pay more for the benefit of America than those who can't afford to heat the home. True flat tax where everyone pays a fixed dollar amount will not work because we have such a large income disparity. It would be too draconian even with a fixed percentage. It is because there is a minimum need that you need to survive on, then after that is discretionary. You can't pay tax if you can hardly even survive. If you make a quarter of a million dollars, many people are working for you at minimum wage to make that happen. Field worker out in the farm works harder than most people. One of them died in the hot sun last year because he was not allowed to take a water break. Is not just intellegence and hard work that will make you money. Is also being at the right place at the right time with the right people. There is a lot of luck involved also. Bill Gates could easily have been another MBA.

Look at the candidates:
One has more senate experience, but the other is more qualified.
One bankrupted his campaign while the other's campaign is so organized that it is used as a business model case study. One finished 5th from bottom from his class of over 900 while the other finished in the top. One just recently began to use the internet. The other is a model on how to campaign on the internet. One is erratic and tempermental. The other is level headed. One canceled his campaign then started it again, and picked a highly unqualified person for VP. For the first time, a large group of American Noble peace prize winners endorsed a presidential candidate Obama because they believe the country's future depends on it.
One consistently lied on the campaign. Even Karl Rove complained that McCain went overboard on questionable facts. Do you really want a president the lies more than Bill Clinton.
3 out of 4 people in the world prefer Obama over McCain. It is obvious his popularity in Europe is similar to JFK. While you might not think popularity matters, but given the amount of trades we do with foreign countries that is governed by WTO, and not to mention coordination on cleaning the environment, favorable ratings goes a long way.
You have to look beyond the one sentence campaign slogans to make a good choice.

2008.10.29, 02:10 PM
Well stated...

also Palin, who has been touting Obama as a socialist, and basing her latest speeches almost solely on that, told news reporters a couple of months ago, in her own words, that her state of Alaska, under her watch, is "the most socialized state" in the union... they even go so far as to give everone a $1000+ check just for living there... and the money is paid for by the oil companies... bigger companies "redistributing money" to the lower income people.... sounds like a hypocrit...

2008.10.29, 07:00 PM
I amazes me when the public is so in love with a political figure that they cant look past the rhetoric and truly look at the candidate. Benmlee although your ideas about socialism are eloquent there not accurate. Here’s the true definition of socialism. Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society Modern socialism originated in the late nineteenth-century working class political movement. Karl Marx posited that socialism would be achieved via class struggle and a proletarian revolution which represents the transitional stage between capitalism and communism.
Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how, and to what extent this could be achieved
This is not a made up definition look it up. My parent's came to this country in the 60’s with the clothes on their back. My parent's sometimes worked two jobs to get ahead. They never asked for a hand out. Never asked for food stamps our government welfare. All they ever ask for was an opportunity. A chance to not only make a difference in their lives but a better one for their children. After saving some money he was able to buy his own business. My parents with very little formal education made it in this great country because of the opportunity and lots of hard work. Obama is a threat to this American dream. How you ask is simple. Under the Obama plan a small business that makes more than $250,000 a year and are already paying a 35% tax rate will have to pay more. You might think so what I don’t own a business that wont affect me. Guess again that local gas station, grocery or auto parts will almost all pay more taxes and they will pass it along to you. A small business that makes more than $250,000 is a lot more common than you might think. I’ve owned small business and with only five employees made more than $250,000 a year. Finally no matter which way your going to vote please make sure you vote. Its one of the most important civil duties you have.

2008.11.05, 01:34 AM

2008.11.05, 01:15 PM
As a Mccain supporter I would like to offer congratulations to my new President Barack Obama. Whether democrat or republican we are all Americans and should stand proud in full support of our next president. Togehter we can overcome all our current problems and any others that may face us. That said lets get back to minizing.

2008.11.05, 01:28 PM
Let's hope he does a better job than "That other guy" did!