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2008.10.28, 09:43 PM
Hi peeps,

I've developed a site for a module I am doing and I'm trying to make it tight and stuff. I've been programming it for a week or so and today I moved it over to mi-linux where their version of PHP is different to mine. I'm sure it's okay, but it would be great to get some people to register and tell me what they think. Also, if anyone picks up any issues with it.

Register below. Please, have a play - edit your account, etc.


It's not encrpyted and I will see them. Just use a random word or something.

username: tom - password: cash

Also, the following features have been disabled because mi-linux doesn't support emailing external emails:
- Forgotten password.
- Email activation - accounts are automatically activated for now.

2008.10.28, 11:49 PM
Due to the lack of new posts on the board, I gave it a try. I guess it is not set up for US area codes ;) I found no holes, and did try to look for a few... I used a fake password :p and my Spam email addy. I updated some things, changed them around a little and everything seemed to work well.

One thing that I was VERY disappointed in... Where are the RACING videos?

I took 2 semesters of programming in C++. Next semester I am going to take Unix. This semester is Networking/telecommunications. I still dont know what I want to do for a career, but I figure it wont hurt to know this stuff when looking for a job. I enjoyed my C++ programming, everything is Java now. Im glad I took it when I did. Night classes for programming are much better than day classes. The instructors are actual programmers that program for a living and teach on the side, while during day classes you get "teachers" that dont program on a day to day basis except what they are going to be teaching.

2008.10.29, 05:27 AM
That's cool. I did a semester of comand line C++ myself, as well as object orientated VB.net. Its good but I like web applications rather than desktop, personally. Are you doing object orientated C++?

As you say though, everything is in Java now; 45% of companies use that over any other language at the moment! Good thing to learn if you're looking at application programming in the future.

Lol, racing videos! Really, thanks a lot for that, I really appreciate it! How did it take your phone number? Do you use "-" hyphens over there? Should I have a hyphen replace too?