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2008.10.29, 10:37 AM
Can someone please break down in ENGLISH what the settings of the Active brake system mean?

I was playing with them and not my ASF- MR02 doesnt seem to have brakes.

These are the settings,

POS: Throttle posstion at which ABS starts (I like to use to low value 5%)

DLY: delay prior to ABS activating? - low value is best 1

WIDTH: I dont understand intructions cal this the pumping width, if its set to 100% the ABS function is "OFF" , but what is the effect of a low setting versus a hi setting? If i set this for 50% does it mean the only 50% of the braking power will be applied?

DUTY: I dont understand : I am interpreting as the rithym and repetition of the pumping (width) ?

help !

2008.10.29, 02:14 PM
What the ABS does is to pump the brakes just like in a real car on snow. With that analogy, cycle is how fast you pump the brake pedal. 100 is like 10 times a second. 1 is like one pump per second. Width is how much you let go of the brake pedal with each pump. 1 is letting go of the brake pedel just a tiny bit. 100 is letting go of the brake pedal completely. Duty cycle is how long you step on the brake versus how long you let go of the brake. More duty cycle means you step on the brake longer, and just let the brake pedal go for a fraction of a second. Shorter ducy cycle means most of the time you let go of the brake pedal, and step on it for a fraction of a second.
Delay is just that. The amount of time delay before ABS pumping kicks in. Think that is to allow the car to take a set and get into forward dive before the brake starts to jerks the car for a smoother transistion.

I play with the ABS every now and then, but don't see too much use at least for me. One thing about an electric motor braking is that brake force is proportional to the speed of the wheels. Is impossible to get the wheels to lock up anyway since the brake force becomes zero when the wheel stops turning. So is a natural ABS already. This is unlike a gas car with disk brakes where you want to let go of the brakes when the wheels lock up.

On the other hand, the traction control for acceleration is very useful. On a slippery track, you turn better under acceleration. You definitely get better control of the car. The only problem, and I hope KO is listening is that the traction control function turns off abruptly base on where you set to turn it off at high throttle. So all of a sudden, instead of a nice handling, you get full on throttle which spins out the car. KO should make the traction control effect diminish gradually instead of abruptly stopping it at high throttle.

So in the end, I turn both function off for now, but still get the itch to try them again once in a while.

2008.10.29, 03:01 PM
thanks, that is more of less what i gathered after i posted and re-read the intruction manual more carefuly. Those translations are baaaad