View Full Version : december enduro?

2008.10.30, 01:22 PM
hi guys, are we going to another enduro like last year? i know were not going germany, but if we do one in december, itll partly make up for that, and itll be a break from normal racing every month, would also be quite fun:)
what you say?

2008.10.31, 02:47 PM
i'm up for it, what do I need? is it like the 500 race? and if so, are lipos allowed ;)

2008.10.31, 05:37 PM
last time we ran for 3 hours, with one hour in the dark.

2008.11.01, 05:55 AM
Lol, you're never gonna put lipos in a mini z??

I'm up for it!

I think if it happens, we might all need to get ourselves a light kit!

2008.11.01, 06:00 AM
Couldn't find any yesterday, but I have found lipos for the mini z on ebay before, it just means less battery changes which may give you an extra 30-60 seconds of racing depending on how quick you can change batteries.

2008.11.01, 06:07 AM
sarah the ebay lipos- read his feedback first. i found one guy, the lipos came swolen, damaged etc.
read up here on lipos, there not advised because they can cause extreme servo jitter, and you'll get through more tires. the car would also be extremely hard to control with the speed.
tom- ah cool! who decides if we do it, bri? would we do two man teams again then for 3 hours?

2008.11.01, 06:24 AM
you do tend to get more power with lipos, but that just means gearing differently for the main part, but it does means consistant power, and no dumping, although I have dumped on lipos with my recoil, but I the diffs we're on there way out, so I've ordered the pro versions for next week.

I'll see what lipos I can get, as they may be better than the ebay ones, I know that Yeah Racing do micro ones, so they may also do some mini-z ones.

2008.11.01, 10:37 AM
Gonna be frank and say I think thats silly. You've not even tuned up an MR02 yet, and now you're looking into LiPos? Its a recipie for more fiddling than racing each meet.

Yeah Lee, I'll see what Bri thinks. It's not up to me though.

2008.11.01, 10:45 AM
ok cool tom!
sarah- for use on the tracks we use, i dont see the point in lipos. they have power yes, but in a mini-z theyd be uncontrolable. its alot less hassle with an mr02 and normal batteries :).

2008.11.01, 07:41 PM
Was thinking that lipos would cut down in "pit-time" for changing batteries, but was thinking after I posted, that having pit-stops just make it more interesting.

As for getting my car run, that's simply down to tyre choices and the steering not centre-ing properly, meaning I was driving into things accidentally, ( honestly, it wasn't down to my driving ). Changing the pot and the right tyres should help with that.

Think the motor in the F1 has essentially died, so I've ordered another one.

2008.11.02, 05:33 AM
pit stops are essential in a 3 hour race lol:rolleyes:
changing the pot wouldnt really help- your still putting all that power through it, and the jitter isnt just occasional- its constant backwards and fowards, and makes it very hard to go in a straight line from what ive read here. really though, you can get enough power from a decent set of nimhs and a stock-r, liths really would be overkill on a track like ours.

2008.11.03, 12:08 PM
the pot needs changing anyway as the steering is jittery now, i just need to find out how to get to it.

2008.11.03, 04:16 PM
what car, an 02? just pull the top plate off (unscrew sorry not pull) and its up front in the servo assembly:)
anyway lets get back on topic now... bri any news weather this a go ahead?

2008.11.03, 04:22 PM
no, awd. think i may just need to check the manual, but it should be similar anyway.

2008.11.03, 09:13 PM
lets get back on topic now... bri any news weather this a go ahead?

Don't see why not...... must race some of it in the dark with light kits fitted..... we'll all talk more on Sunday

2008.11.04, 11:19 AM
night racing was the best part last time:D

2008.11.09, 04:50 PM
This is the ebay link for the light kits i'm ordering, (you'll have to follow the other link in the page to find the other lighting thingy).


(that was the link, but the forum doesn't seem to like ebay, so instead, do an ebay search for this

Yeah Racing (#LK-0011) Midnight-Drifter Head Light Kit

and you should find it)

I've ordered 4 of each (so 1 of each for me and 3 for the shop) so if anyone definitely wants one for december (assuming I can get them for then), then please let me know asap, as I'm away for a few days from tuesday.