View Full Version : Difficult to convert Monster chassis to accept Overland bodies and wheels?

2008.11.03, 05:06 PM
Does anyone know what is required to convert a Mini-Z Monster chassis to accept a Mini-Z Overland body and wheels? I understand that various Overland bodies have various wheelbases, but I would assume most bodies would fit on one or two wheelbase sizes.


2008.11.03, 05:32 PM
It isn't that hard to do, it's just you will need a laundry list of parts. It is more costs than anything. The hardest part is swaping everything over to the new front box. The PCB set, main chassis tub, shocks, and many screws can be reused. About everything else needs swapped over. The easiest way would be, try and find a used Overland someone burned the board in and rob it of the parts.

The down and dirty method. some grinding on the wheels to fit right, and shims to take up the extra axle. Those wheels would stick way out from the body. This is if you try to mount Overland stuff on a Monsters chassis as is. I think there is a mount that lets you mount the Overland body on the Monster up high. I just can't find the part number right now.

2008.11.03, 08:36 PM
The body alone... there is a kit for it.

The wheels, require the overland parts, so basically you need to change every part but the center chassis section and the shocks... so its easier to just buy an overland.

2008.11.04, 01:15 AM

I think this is it, but look's like it's out of stock. I say I think as I bought mine over a year ago, and the packaging has been tossed out. It mounts the body up high.

2008.11.04, 09:02 PM
Yikes, it does not sound so simple. I think Drac is right...it makes better sense to just get the Overland.