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2008.11.05, 10:58 AM
Well here is my dilema...

I have an MR02, handles well, its fast smooth and quiet. I have been driving it for a month and race it 3 times. last week I bought an AWD, and last night I decided to beging setting it up.

The setup of it was much more intuitive for me and fun. The results were very predictible and the car began to handle well. I put an xspeed, and little bit of camber, kyosho ball diff (which are a pain to tune)

Dirving the AWD feels stable (my mr02 is stable but this is different), and i like it. IT was pretty quick and was running great between the other mr02 practicing last night.

After a bit I decided to drive the MR02, and after driving the AWD for about 1 1/2 hours I didnt like / or could handle the MR02. The MR02 felt like an MR01 after driving a brand new MR02 for the first time.

Has anyone felt like this? -I felt as if i could not drive my Mr02 anymore, and I am considering selling it. (If I do I will sell my hop-ups also) and just strictly focus on the AWD - maybe buy an F1.

The AWD would be the "race" chassis, while the F1 would still be raced with F1's in more a "modelismo" type setting. What is more popular on the PN championhips and such between MR02 and AWD does anyone have any experience with this?

It is very hard to have two cars that handle completly different and be able to drive them both well isn't it?

Comments / inspiration ?

2008.11.05, 01:21 PM
It's their difference that makes theme both fun to play with. It's nice to have more than one type of chassis to play with as they each do handle differently. I think the MR02 is much more popular as it is easier to tune and reportedly faster, but still does not have the handling abilities of the AWD.
I personally find the AWD a very cool chassis but very picky to tune to perfection. Lot's of moving parts involved in the AWD, AWD has adjustable REAR toe and camber which obviously the MR02 does not, thus more tuning with AWD.

As for stability, I would say they some what equal. AWD has stability because you have power to four wheels instead of two thus giving you more grip. However, with some bodies, the AWD does have the tendancy to flip as it's got similar battery layout than MR01's and 15's. As you know from the MR02's flat chassis profile, and lower CG it run's "flatter" and less body roll then say that of AWD and other two mentioned chassis.

I myselfe have recently purchased an MR15 and have done nothing with it and tempted to get an AWD if I can afford the 2.4 version. I have owned and driven the F1 and did not care for it's handling. Plus I don't think the F1 has as many tuning options as the MR02 and AWD has and there are not as many F1 classes as there are MR02's.

Another thing to consider is cost of hop-ups between the AWD and MR02. If your not limited by budget, then go for the AWD and follow Christains set up. If you are limited, stick with the MR02 and adjust it every now and then. Hope this helps!

With the right choice of parts, the right build-up, the AWD can be a supreme racing car with amazing grip and performance! But it is not for the budget-minded pockets.

2008.11.05, 01:41 PM
I think getting rid of your MR02 would be a bad move. If youve got the time to tune and drive two cas (F1 and AWD) then /I would stock with the AWD and MR02 for now. Practicig driving iwht hte 02 wll only help you drive the AWD better.

As far as class racing goes, for nw the MR02 has a lot better following. I recently went up to the PNWC regional in PA. Ther ewere 8 drivers in AWD stock. There were 3 mains full of drivers in MR02 stock, and another two mains worth in mod (some poepl did race both though). Look at the entries for this weekends worlds in Las Vegas. There are a ton of driver signed up to run 2wd stock, and only a select few running AWD.

On a local level, it could be different. Here we have a strong AWD following. we also dont mind running AWDs and 02s together as long as they are the same class car (stock with stock, mod with mod). If your club is the same maybe dropping the 02 wouldnt be a bad thing in that respect.

As far as the F1 though, it is even further away from an AWD than an 02 is. I wouldnt invest in one unless there is a following at your track. IMO, they are harder to drive than an 02. I have to be honest though, I havent invested much money in my F1. I have however invested countless hours of practice and tuning time (mostly shimming and spring chages) to get it to where it is now.

Another thing to consider is cost of hop-ups between the AWD and MR02. If your not limited by budget, then go for the AWD and follow Christains set up. If you are limited, stick with the MR02 and adjust it every now and then. Hope this helps!

With the right choice of parts, the right build-up, the AWD can be a supreme racing car with amazing grip and performance! But it is not for the budget-minded pockets.

Marc, I still hate when people bring up the money thing like AWDs are SOOO expensive compared to 02s. I still dont agree, and still have the same post to back up my thoughts. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion and exoerience ;)

Here is a quote from where we went around this conversation earlier.

Marc - I hate how people automatically throw the expense thing out there. If you only buy the neccesary upgrades, the AWD doesnt have to be expensive. Let me play devils advocate here for a minute and break down my two PNWC stock cars.

ASF AWD chassis kit - $130
ASC - $25
plastic K knuckle set - $5
PN spring set - ~$8 (I dont rmember what this actually cost)
ATM composite diff - $17 (I think its gone up since)
Bearings - $15
PNWC 70t motor - $8
Total - $208

ASF MR02 RTR - $130
ATM 94mm MM motor mount - $32
ATM DDS - $22
K ball diff - $33
Bearings - $8
Tires - ~$10
PNWC 70t motor - $8
Total - $243

My AWD handles more consistantly, corners faster, turns more laps, and isnt much to maintain. I clean the bearings every 6 months or so, or before an event, and clean the diff even less (basically when it wont stay put, or before an event). I have the exact same maintenance regime on my MR02, except I have to clean the DDS much more frequently, and add oil to keep the DDS action consntant. I clean whatever RCP dust gets caked up on them every few weeks or so, and sometimes I only do right around the moving parts. My cars are dirtier than most other racers though :o

The common misconception is that the stock pats arent good enough, and thats just bull. The plastic Kyosho chassis parts (stock, SP, or colored) along with the plastic kyosho knuckles are what I use excusively. Not because of price, but because they are the most consistant and smooth with the tightest tolerances of all the manufacturers Ive tried.

Taken from this thread.

2008.11.05, 01:58 PM
I appreciate you post, and you are right about the MR02 being a good practice car.

Marc you are also right about the fun or tuning 2 cars, I have to say that maybe I can tune them depending on the track or my driving mood that day haha.

2008.11.05, 02:03 PM
I was making the cost statement on the fact that
A: My personal budget is getting smaller and smaller these day's despite my sales.
B: Overal average economy in USA sucks these day's.
C: My personal experince from upgrading either cars.

Where are you getting your prices from hrdrvr?

2008.11.05, 02:21 PM
Well OBAMA FOR CHANGE marc.. lol

Thanks for your comments, I am going to keep the MR02 so I have "more" options to compete

2008.11.05, 02:52 PM
Good choice, options are nice to have! Change? Let's hope for the better! :)

2008.11.05, 06:30 PM
Yes, we never get back what we put into our cars. This sad sentance has been said several times before.

Action B
2008.11.19, 09:34 PM
I beleive you should use as few cars as possible. So many people complain about the expense of setting up a MA-010 but I will look at their signature and they will have 6 different cars:rolleyes:. All you need to switch between mod and stock class is a different motor in most cases. Are you going to drive that MR-02 any more?

Also, I am sure an MA-010 is more to hop up than an MR-02 generally. Of course they are comparable if you want to just list the "necessary parts". I would strongly debate the bias even of that post. Looks like someone wanted the MA-010 to be cheaper.

2008.11.19, 09:42 PM
the past 3, or weeks i have been driving the awd, and actully got it all setup for a race event tomorrow. I drove the Mr-02 once since; last night. then I imediaty went back to the AWD only to realize it was a completly different car and more fund to drive.

I was just debating of selling the Mr02 a few mins ago once more. buts its my only 98mm car and its also rumming much better than before (either that and my driving have also gotten better)

2008.12.01, 06:37 PM
What are the length limits of both chassis? I personally find more favorites in 90-96 range than higher.

2008.12.01, 10:42 PM
MR02 = 98mm
AWD= currently set to 94mm

Im not selling the MR02 for the moment, my AWD has some down time and Im glad I have a second car to run.

2008.12.02, 01:13 AM
AWD=98mm MUST.
2wd= 94mm-98mm.

2008.12.02, 11:08 AM
AWD=98mm MUST.
2wd= 94mm-98mm.

I see alot of people runing their AWD at 98mm, I will have to give it a shot sometime