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2008.11.05, 02:20 PM
Dear hobby store owners ;)

Have you considered the idea of having a points series ?
X number of races for example, drop the lowest times... ect.
2 of the races can be "night" driving races - you can sell the kyosho light sets for example.

Some rules such as:
Same motor: x-speed V or PN Speedy 05 (which most of us have)
Similar body (limitations) for example RM + MM bodies no wider than X.XX mm with either 94-98 wheel base MR02 only for example the whole series.
Same chasis whole series (can't change from blue to clear)
weight limitations (so people arent not drilling or overdremelling)

The point would be to make this even more engaging that just showing up to the track paying $XX and racing. I think that if we make some rules and promote the event there is potential to make mini-zing at your track even more fun and potentially get more people interested in the hobby.

I know this kind of events are the norm for 1/10th scale, and I have to say from experience that while it make competition a little more "serious" - it almo makes the hobby (r/c racing) more engaiging and interesting.

I have been doing to research speaking to a few friends a co-workers and showing them youtube videos of how racers are handles in europe and such, and there guys seem very excited to get in the hobby (from seeing what happens in europe and asia)

Why don't we give 1/28th scale some of that "competitive/simulation" component found on 10th scale on road? (keep in mind, there is people who are not racing 10th scale and that do not want to race 10th scale, who would enjoy organized events like this)

Something else:
I just thought "turkey run" for example, we run a few day before thanksgiving lets say we run 7 min qualifiers and 25 min main and the winner take home a turkey from publix and a se tor tires or something? 2nd and 3rd get regular prices.

Thanks for you time,

2008.11.05, 08:35 PM
i like the idea of the points series, we never got around to it at other track. perhaps like a ferrari cup or something of the sort. I also like the night driving idea, we'll discuss it tomorrow.