View Full Version : Looking for So Cal Mini Z racing

2002.06.03, 04:25 PM
I live in Riverside Cy. work in San Diego Cy. Please lrt me know of any Mini Z racing activity There is in these areas. THX

2009.08.01, 11:10 AM
I know it's been a while since you asked--but come find Matshushima's in Montclair/ Upland/ Pomona area. He's in Montclair--but easy to get to from Riverside!!! Come race with us!!! I'm just starting after racing 1/12 scale for 20 years in the 70's to 90's!! Mini Z's are cool and relatively CHEAP to race if you stay in stock!! Come race!!!

2009.08.01, 07:43 PM
The SpiceyCajun finally found some MiniZ racing out at High Speed Hobbies in North Carolina! I am sure though that if he were still in CA he'd be racing and laughing it up with you guys at Grant's. He is still active on the forums so maybe he'll chime in.


2009.08.01, 10:06 PM
Must have been one of my first ones. Grant is an amazing R/C racer and I would like to run at his facility, but I have a good crew down here at High Speed Hobbies. Maybe I need to make a road trip!


2009.08.02, 09:22 AM
If you make a road trip be sure to remember where to and where not to park in Vegas.

2009.08.02, 03:47 PM
Touche' you old crusty curmudgen :p