View Full Version : LAX Charger help!

2008.11.05, 02:34 PM
A while back a cell vented in my LAX charger. The charger worked fine after that, but I have noticed the past few weeks when I turn the charger on nothing shows up. No letters, numbers, etc.. Can someone please help me. I have taken it apart and cleaned the terminals but nothing happened?


2008.11.06, 01:45 AM
I think you should contact the manufacturer. I havent had that happen to me with either of my BC-900s. Is this the 900 or the 700 that you are having this issue with?

Hope you get a replacement... If you havent voided warranty by opening it.

2008.11.06, 07:13 AM
It is the 900


2008.11.06, 12:40 PM
Contact that manufacturer and see what they can do for you.