View Full Version : ASF conversion (chassis small parts set)

2008.11.06, 07:35 AM
I just converted my Nascar to 2.4ghz ASF. Where do I get an ASF small parts set for the MR-015? Will the MR-02 ASF small parts set fit with or without modifications? Thanks.

2008.11.06, 12:35 PM
The MR02 ASF small part set will not work. All you need to do to the original PCB cover, is make a hole over the bind button, and where the ICS port is. You can put a little tape over the crystal hole in the bottom of the chassis to keep dust out if you want.

2008.11.07, 08:23 AM
Thanks for the tip. I really thought the ASF small part set for MR-015 would be available for purchase. They sell it as part of the conversion kit with the KT-18 controller. Bummer... more dremel work. Thanks EMU.

2008.11.20, 07:22 PM
Recommended also is a small hole for the antenna wire to poke through,