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2002.06.03, 05:39 PM
I have been stashing away the various parts for several months and finally got the chassis a couple weeks ago. I now have a matching chassis for the Purple CLK I did awhile ago. :cool:

Mini Z GT
2002.06.03, 06:14 PM
is it me or is there only a stock motor on that CLK :eek:

2002.06.03, 06:14 PM
lookin' nice...... i wish i could make my car color matching..... cuz at the moment, i'm mixing and matching my part colors.. lol

2002.06.03, 06:35 PM
Looks awesome but i think it would look even better if you used a different colour for the chassie... Like the clear one, now itīs almost to much purple dont you think?

2002.06.03, 07:16 PM
man, that car is super sweet! i'm currently juggling blue and purple myself, and it's not bad.:p

2002.06.03, 07:33 PM

(except for the purple part)

2002.06.03, 08:37 PM
Thanks!! Yes it's a stock motor. Haven't gotten around to putting that X-speed from Mondo into the equation. I also have a twin turbo that's going on.

You either have a PASSion for purple or you don't. If you don't, let's see your color variation for comparison. Please no graphite black stock chassis's!!


2002.06.03, 09:37 PM
What rims?? :(

2002.06.03, 10:00 PM
Bought them off a dude in Canada. Came direct from HK. Sorry no MFG. info. :confused:

2002.06.03, 10:02 PM
Aww :(:(

2002.06.03, 10:05 PM
Here it is

2002.06.04, 04:34 AM
Nice shaun, thats what i meant... Nicer to "break of" with another colour for the chassie...

Now you just need DAMZer:s cool bulkhead :D

The Thunderer
2002.06.04, 05:03 AM
I've been putting together something like that too... one BLUE car with all blue alloys and a blue body... a "purple car," but I'll have to paint a body and I don't look forward to that... and a silver car with all silver alloys.

I really like how yours turned out -- PURPLE ICE! I would never have thought of going pink. LOL.

2002.06.04, 01:27 PM
DAMZer, very nice, a potential candidate for the next Ride.

2002.06.04, 05:26 PM
I am honored and pleased, (blush-blush).

I will put the speed goodies on and repost soon!!

2002.06.04, 09:15 PM

Any idea as to who makes those rims? :)

2002.06.05, 12:59 AM
I don't recognize them at all - can anyone else guess?

2002.06.05, 06:16 AM
The rims are awesome, i saw them on another webshop a while ago but now they are gone... Cant make out with brand they are...

Maybe DAMZer are specially lucky if they are hard to find :D

2002.07.18, 09:37 AM
I really like the detail on the body. Nice job.

2002.07.22, 02:17 PM
i think some company should make graphite chassis for the Z
That would be pretty niffty

2002.07.23, 10:38 AM
It's already been done! Do a search for Nashica. They stopped making it, however, assumedly because of the insane price.

2002.07.23, 01:22 PM
Looking at those two cars made me think....

Would it possible to build a complete car from parts? Is every part on a mini Z replaceable/upgradeable? Could you 'build' a Z from scratch, without buying a readyset?
What would it cost?

Could you do it cheaper than a readyset?

would it be worth it??

Just thinking.....

2002.07.23, 01:28 PM
Yup... I upgraded my car with so many parts, I had enough to make another one.... All i need is a esc and i have another operational Z....

2002.07.23, 01:35 PM
Kid_CojoneZ, it's possible, but would cost more than just buying one, as the ESC is a bulk of the cost, and is almost as much as an entire ReadySet.

2002.07.23, 02:37 PM
...Other wise you'd be selling them in the shop!!!

2002.07.23, 11:15 PM
I was almost gonna build a complete T-maxx using olny up-graded parts but the total cost was around 4,000 dollars CAD. And my dads scared about online credit card fraud.

2002.08.05, 02:58 PM
man oh man. very nice. looks like it cost more than my appendectomy :D just kidding.

those must be megatech options parts since everything they carry for miniZ is purple.



2002.08.05, 04:36 PM
Yep I collected them over a period of time for the project. Mini-z racer, Powerline, Gpm, Topcad, Eagle, Kyosho, Zero-Products, if it was out there in PURPLE, I bought it for the project.

2002.08.10, 07:40 AM
My latest additions to the money pit project are a Twin Turbo, Squat Wide Diff Axle, Mini-Z Racer BB motor, and Squat Dry Ball Bearing kit.

2002.08.10, 07:53 AM
Sweet! I have thought of a new name for it, "Porno Cruzader" :D

2002.08.10, 08:37 AM
I could go for "Purple Porn Power", ROFLOL, sick just plain sick. I like it!

2002.08.10, 08:43 AM
*lol* Yeah!!! Thats it!!!

2002.08.10, 09:20 AM
Pitzon and DAMZer, our new "Pimp Racer's" ! :D ;)

And don't forgot the Purple plush interior DAMZer!!! :cool:

2002.08.10, 09:28 AM
I don't believe I can go there, ultrawide, (blush, blush)......

2002.08.11, 09:33 PM
DAMZer, that thing is a beast! Show us a pic front-on so we can see the wide diff! What connectors are those? Cool!

2002.08.12, 06:17 PM
Here is a straight up comparison between my NSX chassis and the Purple Porn Power CLK. About a 4.5mm increase in width!! Definitely fills up the wheel wells on the CLK.

Can you tell the NSX is race weary?!!

The red connectors are standard BEC connector sets from Hitec. The female is PN56210, male is PN56211. I replaced the wire with the Mini-Z Racer.com high flex motor wire. A little tedious but it has more strands of wire and is so much more flexible!!

The yellow connectors are standard Micro RS4 motor connectors.

2002.08.12, 06:31 PM
Originally posted by West.F1
man oh man. very nice. looks like it cost more than my appendectomy :D just kidding.

those must be megatech options parts since everything they carry for miniZ is purple.




$ 37.00

... WTF?

2002.08.12, 06:40 PM

Very tempting, but since I'm such a practical guy and never buy parts that don't enhance performance, I don't think I could invest in those.

2002.08.13, 09:46 AM
About a 4.5mm increase in width!! Definitely fills up the wheel wells on the CLK.

Wow, the extra width looks great!

2002.09.08, 04:42 PM
Put some teeth in the Purple beast!!

Just did a 3004 FET piggyback to the board. What a biotch!!

Well worth whatever mini-z will charge to do the upgrade. I guess I spent about 3 hours bridging solder on the 16 pins. About half of that time was spent removing solder that mysteriously bridged adjacent pins. And just getting to the pins behind that big black component, shesh!!

But it worked!!!!!!! The original MZR non-turbo motor is now like an F16 jet engine as it ramps up to speed. That wide rear diff I added helps keep the power transfered. Instead of drifts, I get several side hops!! Doesn't roll, just hops to the side. Traction-control-speed in one package, a Purple Porn Power Racing Machine!

Almost forgot, the O-plate is another positive contributor to the handling, limits the body roll and the weight transfer. Get it here http://mini-zracer.com/shop/product.php?pid=403

2002.09.08, 05:46 PM
Nice; I can't remember, do you have a Z-130-M-BB yet?

2002.09.08, 06:44 PM
damn, i shoulda got some FETs....:p

2002.09.08, 07:04 PM
Yep, got one of the 1st. Was wondering if the quad Fet could handle the load. After the time it took to do it, don't know if I really want to be the lab rat. Advise if anybody else has tried it.

2002.09.09, 06:35 PM
DAMZer, 4 FET should handle it no problem (you're using IRF7389, right?).

2002.09.09, 09:47 PM
No, not in yet. Using stock 3004's

2002.09.25, 02:58 PM
Where did you get those purple battery holders/clips whatever? I really really want some...purple too...

2002.09.25, 04:56 PM
Check w/Dave, I believe they are GPM.

2003.03.11, 07:57 PM
i know where you can get those rims, but they're all out now. I got one of the last sets. I wont post it on here to put down this site at all, so email me at skate69421@aol.com if you want.