View Full Version : Difference between Carbon and Fglass H-plates

2008.11.07, 03:26 PM
Kyosho makes plates out of both materials for the MM chassis. I am wondering what are the advantages of over ove ther other is any. I have some a single Carbon F. and I need a step up and lower in hardness so I was thinking of trying out the fiber glass?

2008.11.07, 09:12 PM
I called kyosho, and spoke to a technical specialist who told me that the Fiber glass H-plates where softer than their coresponding carbon friber Ccounterparts. So the Fiber glass plates are step softer in-between the carbon fiber plates.

2008.11.16, 05:52 PM
I still feel like I have more corner speed in all my cars with the Carbon Fiber plates.

but it all comes down to driver style and preference.