View Full Version : Pembroke Pines Club Racing idea

2008.11.08, 03:15 PM
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone in the pembroke pines, hollywood area is into mini-z's. I currently go to a local hobby store in Kendall which is fun to drive at, and maybe we (pines people) can get togther, and attend to the tack as a group.

If anyone has an RCP track even, then we can get together somewhere to have to a "meet" discuss and have a good time just like they do in other states where there are no local tracks. - Think parking lot racing, food and drinks.

2008.11.18, 12:07 PM
nobody uh ? well it was just a thought

2009.02.04, 05:41 PM
Cesar, there is supposed to be a track set up at a hobby shop up on University drive about where Cypress creek crosses. Check it out. If no RCP that store has the best selection of real high grade Die-cast I have ever seen. How is your Dad doing?

2009.02.04, 06:55 PM
it is Warricks Custom Hobbies, they used to have a carpet track back in 2004 when I ran the mini-z cup. (I got 2nd place :) ) um... there is also r/c hobbies on university and mcnab.They have a small RCP track there but not racing. A&E Hobbies in Kendall is where I race, but then again it is in kendall...

my dad is fine now thanks, hows the motor mount working for you?

2009.02.04, 07:16 PM
You are right. It's the one near McNab. It has been 20 years since I've lived in Sunrise but I was in that shop last year drooling over the Die-cast. A friend that lives in the area told me about the RCP track. I will be sending him an AWD car so he can play. He doesn't want to go to Kendall either. It was bad enough going to Bird Rd. Nothing like a pleasant evening trip into a 2 clip neighborhood.

The mount is living a rather sedate life as a spare for the time being. I am trying to figure a way to give it a home at the rear of the P-28. As soon as I find a viable way to get rid of the extra 4mm of wheelbase I will put it to work.