View Full Version : 2.4 run time

2008.11.08, 07:19 PM
today i used freshly charged batteries in my 2.4ghz mr02. Instead of lasting for about 45 minutes or so, like in my AM, they only lasted for about 10 minutes. I tried another pair of batteries that i was sure were charged. still only lasted about 10 minutes.

Has anyone else noticed a big drop in run times on these 2.4's?
I was running the car with the steering ranged maxed out for left and right turns. Could turning that down a little solve my problems?


2008.11.09, 09:08 AM
WOW 45 minutes???? thats pretty incredible! i typically get around 25 30 minutes depending on motor and gearing. and thats with 2.4

randy racer
2008.11.20, 07:07 PM
i ran for 43 min with my 2.4 LM car (all stock) the other day on rechargable 1100's. this was on a fairly short and tight track so i didn't have the throttle pulled very hard much.


2008.11.20, 07:40 PM
If you're turning far enough to stall the servo motor, that would definitely kill your run time. Does the servo make a buzzing noise at the extremities of steering throw?

Otherwise, you might've just put your car back together wrong and something else is binding. I get about 25-30 minutes per pack on a larger, faster track like ILR. On a Mini-96, about 45 minutes. No drop vs. AM cars.