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2008.11.09, 05:45 PM
Today was awesome. Shame there wasn't more of a turnout for the final heat but what can ya do?

Here are the final heats results:


Here are the final overall standings, after drops. If anyone wants the .xls then let me know. :)


A massive thanks to everyone who has taken part! I will make sure everyone will get a little something to take home next month, when we have a little ceramony type thing to celebrate.

Also, a huge congratulations to Bri and Mal for coming third and second, respectivly.

Hopefully, we'll have equally as many people take part next year and it will have bigger prizes for everyone as the trophy is already paid for now. More on this later in December.

Also, it'd be great to get thoughts and feedback from everyone about it and how they feel it went.

2008.11.09, 06:07 PM
Overall i think the c'ship went very well,congrats on winning btw Tom :)
The only point i would make is what i said to you earlier today,we either find a h'cap system that works and everyone is happy with or drop the h'cap thing altogether.
One last point,my second heat race win today:cool: was with an AWD not an 02:)

2008.11.10, 01:30 PM
Thanks Jayce! I've updated your info now too.

As for the handicap, I think next month, we'll try your idea Jayce but if that doesn't work then I'm afraid it's out the window. :(

Glad you've enjoyed it!

Next season should be much better in theory. I'd love to get more special events in. Perhaps a similar structure to this:

Jan - Normal racing
Feb - Normal racing
Mar - **Special Event**
Apr - Normal racing
May - Normal racing
Jun - **Special Event**
Jul - Normal racing
Aug - Normal racing
Sep - **Special Event**
Oct - Normal racing
Nov - Normal racing
Dec - Prize Ceremony

This way, the racing is a little less "same old" as its broken up by something special every two months. Special events will be open to suggestion and we'll see how Bri feels about hosting them.

One for certain will be a Nascar, and it would be also great to get permission for a 3hr race and/or night race.

I also had the idea of a 2hr F1 Race - like the real thing, but we'll see what everyone thinks nearer the time! I'll start a proper SMZRCC topic next month.

2008.11.10, 03:45 PM
tom, just a thought but what about holding a d1gp style drift race as a special event? i like the idea of holding a special event every so often though, will be interesting to see what comes up!
well done to everyone in the championship too, and thanks for organising it too btw!

2008.11.10, 03:46 PM
I have a suggestion for the F1 meet, and it could be the same day as the Nascar. Leave half the track up, and recreate the F1 track used at Indianapolis.

2008.11.10, 06:37 PM
Thanks Liam. That's a great idea but sadly, not everyone has an AWD. Well, my dad, Bri and Sarah don't at the moment. Then I have my only one set up for racing (no chance I'm changing that.)

That leaves, you, Mal, Jayce, Shaun & Matt. That's if Matt wants to make his a drifter though.

So as it stands, it woudln't really be a whole club event. :(

As for Sarahs idea - good idea! But as for running it twice in one day, not so good. They're supposed to be special events, so having them too frequently wont make them all that special.

But if noone else minds then Indianapolis sounds like a good idea to me.

If this is the track (green) you mean:


It's a tad ambitious with it's size and the use of 45's and exessive curves. But there's no doubt we could have a bloody good shot at it!

2008.11.10, 06:45 PM
A modified version if it then, with at least one set of banking, would be interesting as then you'd have to have your care not only setup for high speed, but tight twisty corners.

Dusty Weasle
2008.11.11, 03:53 AM
Way ahead of 'ya:


We have run this track here. It takes a lot of tiles, a lot of space, but its a lot of fun. :)

(I have a printer-friendly top-down map if you really want to run this layout).
(You probably have space and tiles for Monza and Anderstorp).

2008.11.11, 04:25 AM
looks good, I'd shorten the straight between turns 7 and 8 to get more of a sweeper going into the banking, enabling us to get more speed up, only to have to brake a bit sharpish, but looks good.

2008.11.11, 05:53 AM
if you were to use the 45's on turns 7 and 8 and then use the long curves on turn 13 it would be pretty accurate!

Well done Tom mate, you've worked hard with your cars, battling to get them running well and battling other racers hot on yer heels ;) well done, you deserve it, and congratulations to everyone else, it was a 'smash' racing the championship with you...lol
Wish i could have been there for the final :(
Looking forward to the next meet, with regards to the special events, i'm easy (just ask my wife...lol). i have a drifter and i have an F1 and i can convert it back to the nascar fairly quickly.
Maybe,...maybe.. if enough of us have some sort of offroader, we could have an offroad type event, by placing various things on the track and a few small jumps and stuff, just an idea?!?!

My sister is still in hospital, the blood clot has been confirmed in her left lung, but they cant operate as she is pregnant. Though she has been coughing up blood and struggling with being short of breath all the time, she does seem in fairly good spirits!
The Doctors have said she will have to inject herself in the stomach everyday until the baby is born with an anti-coagulant in order to stop the clot getting any bigger, and they hope this might actually thin the blood enough to maybe even get rid of it.
I know surgery when pregnant is done as a last and final resort because of the risks of losing the baby, but with any luck it wont come to that.

2008.11.11, 11:01 AM
Well there ya go! :D

Thanks Mal and sorry to hear about your sister. Hope things work out!

2008.11.11, 11:15 AM
hmm i can see where your coming from there.
will i be borrowing an f1 then seeing as i dont have one? or i can marshall?

2008.11.11, 12:29 PM
I too don't have an F1. I guess we'll have to get our bottoms into gear! :P

I also think there may be some to borrow... Not sure yet. That's down to the B man.

2008.11.13, 11:17 PM
can you let me know whats happening next month so i can order any parts that i might need:)

2008.11.24, 07:37 PM
can you let me know whats happening next month so i can order any parts that i might need:)

Get a light kit!!!!!

2008.11.25, 05:21 AM
I should know later today when the light kits I've ordered should be with me, as it is getting very close.

As far as dates go, I've got the micros in Macclesfield on the first Sunday of the month again, but barring incident, am free every other sunday in December.

2008.11.25, 05:24 AM
I've just looked at December big hfay track and it's the Stafford 1/10th club track almost exactly!

2008.11.29, 06:19 AM
There's no way I would have scored well in the championship this season, but I wasn't listed at all. Probably just an oversight (unless nobody like me :( - remember, I'm cooking in December) but can you add me for the next championship please.

2008.11.30, 08:06 AM
Nothing personal Sarah, don't worry. :P

You need to pay to enter. Once you've missed two heats it's too late to enter.

There's no restrictions on races but only the results that are recorded.

Shaun's results were also not recorded.

2008.11.30, 12:01 PM
Ah, didn't know that, how much and when?

2008.11.30, 12:43 PM
Nothing is confirmed but It's looking to be £5 in January to March.