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2008.11.10, 03:59 AM
1987 Kyosho Turbo Optima Baja Bug kit (1/20 scale 8.25” long x 4.25” wide)


Spektrum SR3500 2.4GHz DSM receiver
Castle Sidewinder Micro ESC (runs brushed and brushless motors)
Boca Bearings
HS-55 servo w/servo saver. Yes there are theoretically better and/or more expensive servo’s but this is a dream build not a just throw money at it and see if it rolls build. The HS-55 is a proven winner in a Baja Bug, like peanut butter and jelly some combo’s just work.

Batteries; still undecided. About all I know at this time is that the pack will be lithium and at least 1000mAh probably more like 1,200 to 1,400 there’s plenty of room. Probably 7.4v although an 11.1 volt pack is still a possibility, a lot will depend on the motor.

Motor, or motors; since the Sidewinder will run both brushed and brushless motors, I will be trying several options, ranging from a 5400kv brushless to one of the original ball bearing LeMans hop-ups.


The kit came with a clear Lexan body, it’s been painted to match the photo on the cover of the box.

I’m currently in the process of anodizing the aluminum parts, most will be dyed black, but I haven’t decided what to do about the oil shocks yet. Was thinking that black bodies with red caps might look good.

2008.11.10, 11:50 AM
:eek: AWE. some.

Orignial? Where'd you pick that up? Saw a Rothman's 959 for $1300 on the eBay.

So, so sweet. Keep us posted.

And let us know your source for rears when the brushless erases those pins in 30 seconds flat. :)

2008.11.10, 12:29 PM
Very nice, should be a lot of fun!
Great job on the body too.

2008.11.10, 03:05 PM
A friend, who will eventually get it back once Iím done playing around, picked up two new in box Bajaís on eBay this Optima and an Ultima.

Would love to take credit for the paint job, itís beautiful, but my painting skills are marginal at best the body was sent to an expert who could do it right the first time.

Replacement rubber is a problem, Ikinari adapted Mini-T wheels to one on his site but they're way too big for me, Iíd like to keep it looking like a buggy with roughly the same size wheels/tires. I have a few idea, amazing what you can fid if you look around enough.