View Full Version : Final HFAY event... Sunday, Nov. 23rd

2008.11.11, 07:23 PM
This is it guys... last chance to crank up the competition for this Season! I'll open up at 10am, if you're planning to race, please get there by 12noon at the latest.

Old Crow
2008.11.18, 05:47 PM
Will we be running Stock, Mod and F1? Stock and Mod, 2WD and AWD right?

Old Crow
2008.11.20, 05:51 PM
Anyone? Want to be prepared and know what classes we are running, or is it just like any other month? Thanks.

2008.11.20, 05:54 PM
No... this is the end of the regular Season... big track event isn't until mid-December sometime.

So it's just Stock and F1.