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2008.11.12, 07:20 AM
Hi I'm a newb at creating websites, I would like to get started and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good and reliable webhost, as well as where I should register for a domain name.

I tried searching for a good webhost, but the majority of webhost review websites out there are getting paid to post the top 10 webhost, so I don't think those sites are reliable.

Please give me some recommendations! thanks

2008.11.12, 08:07 AM
I use hostmonster.com they can provide you with the domain name and webhosting in one shot. It's easier to have you domain registered through the same place that is taking care of you website hosting because you can manage it in the same control panel. I have been very happy with their service and price. I have even talked with them on the phone, they have great Customer Service. Their pricing is great as well. they have unlimited space and bandwidth for you sites as well. Give them a look. Both my club forum and my online store are hosted here, give them a look if you want. links in my sig. :)

I originally went with yahoo but switched due to a few limiting factors, they only offer shared SSL certificates, so if you need a dedicated SSL Yahoo doesn't support it. :mad:

2008.11.12, 08:28 AM
I use 1and1.com everything is automated...
.coms are $6.99 for a year, and you get one with hosting space... which can be as little as $3.00 a month if you do not need much space.


And going to the url they apear to have raised some of their prices...

2008.11.12, 09:00 AM
thanks for the suggestions, i'll check them out.

2008.11.12, 10:49 AM
Lunarpages has great support and help forum for new people.



2008.11.12, 07:12 PM
hostgator baby croc account:)

2008.11.13, 08:54 AM
I would steer you strongly toward http://www.nexcess.net/ - they're big enough to make sure your site is always up and safe, but small enough to still offer amazing customer service, vs. the larger companies where you're just an inconsequential number to them. Don't hesitate to post any other web questions etc. that you might have, that's kind of my area of expertise! ;) :)