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Action B
2008.11.12, 10:54 AM
I was thinking this morning. How can we make this R/C thing hit more at home for the Nekocon attendees? I remember Nate telling me that some convention purists think that R/C racing doesnt have much to do with anime, thus should not be part of the convention.

What if next year we setup an Initial D theme?

-Use Initial D bodies on all wheel drive cars.

-Set them up with drift tires.

-Run the same event, but this time the track will be a track from Initial D. Like irohazaka or akagi or something.

-Most laps in an awd drift car take a demo car.

-we title the event Inital D drift challenge or something like that.

I think that a lot of kids would think this is a really cool idea. It shows how much R/C really is incorporated with not only japanese culture, but in this case anime itself! Let me know what you think!

2008.11.12, 11:33 AM
That has merit. Good job.

2008.11.12, 03:40 PM
better yet, get kyosho to setup a display booth with thier drift, skynet bodies! this shows the product is tied directly to anime and jpn culture via thier selective products.

it would also be nice to see some display showing just how entrenched micro rc is in jpn culture. thier jpn advertising does a very good job at showing thier products in everyday households and family fun. something the usa market fails to do.

it's not that rc racing is not part of the purist anime scheme but then again niether is alot of the stuff hawked in the dealers room. dare i say the anime purists just are not educated enough to know or understand how rc's fit into jpn culture and tie ins with anime lines via product licensing. we just have to show them the link exists and how to highlight that link. it's all there already... we just have to do a better job at educating the non rc crowd.

2008.11.12, 04:03 PM
Brandon, this is a great idea.. My drift car that I setup to run this weekend was actually an AWD with the yellow Initial D RX-7 body{with drift wheels} that I got off Arch a while back.. I'm definately down for this race if we decide to have it...

2008.11.12, 04:14 PM
while the drifting is going on, we can also show video clips via the wall projector of rc drifting and if someone is super talented, mix in initial d clips/audio.:cool:

2008.11.13, 08:56 AM
I am personally brushing up on my Japanese (Particularly my RCanese) I think communicating in Japanese colocialisms will help convey the true anemei essence of RC to the Neckonites. I will also be inviting some of my relatives from far off galaxies,dimensions and maybe a few from across the border. I am currently constructing little ears and have fitted my Helios with a partical blaster. My drift car fitted with a Toyota Supra shell is ready to go, kind of. I still need some drift tires but it will definately drift. Anyway its about time for my Japanese lesson got to go! Did I mention just recieved my Sake homebrew kit off E-bay? I will be purchasing a couple of hundred pounds off rice this afternoon.


Action B
2008.11.13, 11:23 AM
Brandon, this is a great idea.. My drift car that I setup to run this weekend was actually an AWD with the yellow Initial D RX-7 body{with drift wheels} that I got off Arch a while back.. I'm definately down for this race if we decide to have it...

I was actually referring to the beginner group but you may be on to something there. Maybe we could do a pro drift class! Take a large track layout, make everyone slap on drift tires and race! I like where this is going. Of course we could still do ASC and other classes.

2008.11.19, 10:02 AM
Drifting is great for the spectators. I would only be concerned that AMs might be able to get the hang of drifting, but I love the idea.

If we're going to give away a car next year we'll need to source it differently now that I'm paying blood money to my (#*&$ ex wife. Donations or sponsorship, etc.

I was allowed to start up the RC event for two reasons. One, Hall B is huge and we didn't have enough programming to fill the space. Two, activities like this are what people come for these days. It used to be video rooms and dealers, but times have changed as anime has become more mainstream. Now it's live programming people come for. No other anime convention has an event like this. Anything we can do to tie it in would help, so this is good stuff. Initial D isn't the only driving anime. Check out eX-Driver.

2008.11.19, 10:31 AM
mike and i are discussing am cars for next year. i think our goal should be to no longer use personal vehicles for am use or prizes. we should have sponsors provide these. the larger this event gets, the more expensive it will become to manage/maintain the am fleet. mike and i are working on this aspect of it for next year.

exactly to my point as well. kyosho has alot more to offer than just initial d line. they have a nice lineup on jpn culture icon/cult classic shows. we should be spreading the knowledge about how kyosho offers products that tie into this just like the other vendors vs. focusing on one niche product.

fyi, there is a new skynet body/ready set released recently, anyone know what it is, car/show? i've seen pictures but i don't know what it's from?


2008.11.19, 12:45 PM
Id like to add something here and I hope it doesnt end up out of context. The only drawback to this event for me was lack of track time compared to how much time I spent near the track. Sharing the track with the AMs wasnt the ideal set up. I dont want any one to think I didnt enjoy the event. True feelings are tough to convey in type, so please no one take this personal. I titally enjoyed the event, and Ill go back next year even if its the same exact format.

Maybe next year you guys could run two tracks though. One for the pro race event, and one for a drift event and for the AMs to race on. An easy short layout was just right for the AMs. It would be perfect for drifting too. You only need a couple of wide turns, and a little variance between the entries exits of them. This would give the AMs a feel of racing on a full rtack (instead of them looking a big track and racing on a tiny part of it), give a venue for a drifting event, and give full track access to the pro drivers in between Q rounds. Ill compete in raceing and the drift events next year :D

As a side note, I remember some one making the point about themed bodies, maybe it was Arch. I think its a good idea to say each entrant has to have atleast one car themed to match the convention. By the looks of the event, it could be anything from a cartoon character, a video game hero, or something like star wars or GI joe. This may get us more in line with the rest of the NekoCon group.

2008.11.19, 01:31 PM
we are also looking into the idea of mutiple tracks :) i to think seperating them will work better for everyone. if we do not, we can enlarge the pro circuit in such a manner as to have the ability to seperate a portion for am while still keeping a continuous loop for pro. this can be done with removeable rails (rails not pinned to the track tiles). i've done it before.
i really do think the am people really enjoy driving on the same track as the pro vs. feeling like they get stuck at the kiddie table. it's a tuff line i think but it will get worked out.

i proposed that all am cars need to nekocon themed. these are out for public use/abuse and should represent nekocon in some manner (provided by sponsor this time). maybe we create a contest where pro drivers submit nekocon themed bodies for a best in show contest and then get used for am use? or maybe just keep it simple and use white bodies with nekocon stickers, etc.
you could extend that concept to requiring bodies in any one or all classes to be themed as well. there are any number of potentials, it all comes down to willing participation. themed bodies are not something lots of people are willing to invest time in for a single event. dc has done this several times, i required custom decorated bodies for the dc endurance race as well (everyone got the same unpainted body to use).

i made 'cars' cars for my kids which was very easy to do with a couple scanned diecast 'cars' cars and some avery shipping labels.

skynet examples









2008.11.19, 01:54 PM
one last one.... limited to 10 images per post apparently


Daddy Rabbit
2008.11.19, 03:52 PM
I was the one that told you that I was going to have the NeKoCon logo cat on the hood of my cars next year.

The two track concept would give us more track time as well as more qualifiers, as well as add classes, such as a stock and/or drifting class.

This should make the 14 hour day on Saturday shorter, that's a little much for an old f--t lke me.

2008.11.19, 09:40 PM
pretty cool idea.... :D and apart from the initial d series...

i'd really want to see somebody dressed up in:

1 - a mad max outfit and drive max's car
2 - a batman outfit and drive the batmobile
3 - somebody come as 'the proffessor' or 'marty mcfly' and drive the delorean
4 - same with the mach 5...

i guess this way it'll catch more attention... :D

Action B
2008.11.19, 10:07 PM
We could do two tracks. However, you'd be down a PRO racer or two. Maya and I would be too busy with the AM track to race.

2008.11.19, 10:21 PM
Id hate for you guys to miss out on any racing. I like the idea of splitting it up into two sections. We could easily design the track around the idea of having seperate loops that combine for the pro rounds. Atleast practice time would be gained in the AM rounds.

To shorten the time frame maybe we could have a Q round or two in between the last rounds of the AM event.

2008.11.19, 11:04 PM
time frame will be revamped for next year. mike is working on that. combined with our registration ideas, it should streamline the entire signup/registration to save lots of time. that and we need to start well before 6pm... we had way to much practice time as it was... an hour for each class is more than enough.

what i would like to see is more structured breaks. practice, break, practice, break, practice, break, qualifiers, break, practice... something along that line. maybe it was just me because i had to check on my son but i always felt rushed and no real break for lunch/dinner. it would be nice to have a social dinner with everyone.

it would also be nice to close the track for say an hour to force everyone to take a break and walk around to check out whats going on. that and i'm sure the staff would like a chance to take a breather as well.

2008.11.22, 10:59 AM
oh, perhaps am cars should use the kyosho eco tune motor?

2010.06.22, 05:46 AM
Nekocon 12 t would also be nice to see some display showing just how entrenched micro is in jpn culture. their jpn advertising does a very good job at showing their products in everyday households and family fun,,I proposed that all am cars need to Nekocon themed. these are out for public use/abuse and should represent Nekocon in some manner provided by sponsor this time.

2010.06.30, 10:20 AM

I like this idea of setting up tracks at anime conventions. Maybe I can work with the Ann Arbor Mini-Z Dojo and Youmacon officials to see if this can start happening there.

Once I take pictures of it I do have something relevant to both Anime and Mini-Z that could serve as something that spark some interest too :)