View Full Version : 08-09 racing season at Tom Thumbs?

2008.11.12, 04:49 PM
Hello to anyone reading this in the central Ohio area. We need to rally together our interest for mini-z racing at Tom Thumbs! They are willing to do 2 races a month, on Saturdays. I am willing to allow people to practice in my basement on my Radio Shack track (similar to RCP by the looks of it) once a week. Please post replies with interest, otherwise the whole event may not happen.

2008.11.12, 06:16 PM
the radio shack tracks are RCP tracks. :D Hopefully you guys will get back to running Z's. If you get the interest we would love to have you guys back participating in HFAY.

2008.11.21, 03:36 PM
I would be interested in seeing a winter series or something similar. I'm looking for a place to race, and mainly want one that will have a winter points series that would hold a couple races a month. Most of the places to race Z's are welll over 2 hrs away from me so I wouldn't be able to race every weekend. I would be willing to drive if there was something like this availiable. This will be my first run with RC racing, so I'd like to just get my feet wet and get a good idea what it takes to get setup and everything. Columbus is no further than the Ann Arbor club so I could probably pull this off if something were to happen.

I'll make sure to check this thread occasionally for updates. It would be cool to see something come together.

2008.11.22, 10:42 PM
As far as getting started goes, this is the place to watch. You'll find rules about racing classes, events, etc. Just register and send someone there an e-mail.


Thanks for posting, let me know if you need any help finding a mini-z to race.

2009.07.01, 08:22 PM
Gonna revive this thread and say im interested in racing in 2009 :confused: