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2008.11.13, 02:16 AM
Wait for it!

Friend (DY) wanted me to build him a Monster and

click - Shop (above TinyRc link) - click – Sale – click - Garage Sale – click -$69.99 MzMT


Step 1, 3x3 8858 FET stack.

Step 2, charging jack.

The jack is epoxied in, all that RTV is for a watertight seal.

Step 3, shocks, bearings, ball diff, 44t titanium main gear, aluminum rear end (gear box) aluminum main gear cover.

Originally ordered 3Racing oil shocks, seriously smooth but funny thing, I also picked up a set of Radline oil shocks to play around with and they happened to be the exact same color as the main gear cover, then I noticed that they had noticably more travel, adjustable preload nuts instead of spacer, and just all around looked cool. Not quite as smooth as the 3Racign but with a little TLC and alignment shimming their not bad on the monster, so I swapped. Note; I did have to cut the small Radline shock ball screws to fit but that was easily accomplished with a rotary tool and cutting disk.

Ball bearings and oil shocks are obviously choices for a Monster, the titanium main gear and ball diff where chosen because of the planed motor and battery combo, the aluminum gear box because I’m forever breaking those pesky rear lower shock mount arms off, and the aluminum main gear cover because IMO an aluminum rear-end looks silly with a plastic gear cover.

Step 4, :D two 18mm x 49mm 1400mAh lithium ion batteries. I remove the heat shrink, polish the cells and re-wrap them in clear heat shrink.

Even though I installed a charging jack, I installed a battery connector that can also be used for charging, storing the car with the battery pack unplugged, as well as pack removal. I use RTV to hold the batteries, no chance of them falling off but still easily removable if necessary.

Step 5, an Atomic T2. Hence the FET stack, titanium main gear, ball diff, etc. it’s all about the torque. Not an option with smaller 500-650mAh li-ions but with LiPo’s or in this case the 1400mAh Li-ions it’s doable even with larger pinions, lol along with standing start back flips.

Step 6, a couple of spare Epoch wheels on the wheelie bar.


Not quite; at $69.99 for the ready-set there was cash left over, and yep the shop had just what DJ wanted.

Happy Trails

2008.11.13, 04:22 PM
I like that last picture so much!!