View Full Version : MB race

2008.11.13, 08:40 AM
Hi guys. Im trying to drum up a little bit of a crowd for a saturday race after thanksgiving. I know its a bit short notice, but if any of y'all are interested in coming down you are more than welcome to attend. Its nothing special. We just dont normally run on saturdays. I figured since we were, and it was a long weekend, maybe some out-of-towners could come join us.

Ed, I know you just made the NekoCon trip (and it was fun running with you yet again), and Larry just missed out on getting to the worlds. If any of y'all (all DOW members) want to come down for a fun relaxing day of racing with our group your are more than welcome! We would love to have you, and we welcome all skill levels and ages :D

Check out the thread, and reply there or here if you are interested.