View Full Version : 07 nsx offsets?

2008.11.15, 08:46 AM
hi guys anyone got the offsets of an 07 nsx test car? ive heard 2 different things from 2 different people/places but i wana be sure before i order:)

2008.11.15, 10:07 AM
I don't think it's any wider than the 05 season that took +3 rears and +1 fronts.

Quite a few members here have also discussed using the new wide front tower bar from reflex and switching to -1 fronts for less jacking/scrubbing of the wheel...check out that thread for the full lowdown.;)

2008.11.15, 10:07 AM
plus 2 front and rear

2008.11.15, 10:34 AM
Cowboy and DVS are right. Kyosho sells the ASC with +2 front and rear, but usually, their offsets are modest.

You can usually get away with going +1 front and rear from what Kyosho recommends for the body. You'll probably not want to go with +3 fronts though due to the suspension jacking reason

2008.11.15, 11:17 PM
for an MR02... front: narrow+2 / rear: wide+2

Any 07 NSX has those offsets whether it is a test car or the Autobacs & Takata cars.

I was surprised they were wider, but then the body is a little wider that the previous NSXs.

2008.11.16, 01:46 AM
Officially they are +2 front and rear, but you can probably fit +3. Either way you should go with a WTF for this car

2008.11.16, 05:17 AM
ah wicked, thanks for the info:)