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2008.11.15, 06:04 PM
I am new to the world of mini-z's. Thought I recived a good deal on a roller. After it arrived I found a few things wrong with it.

On the diff one of the little ears that fits into the groves in the wheels. Can I buy just this little part. In blue alum.

Second how many bearings are in the mr-02. I have found 9. Seems odd to have a odd number.

I am sure I will have more questions to follow. Please help me get this thing running.

2008.11.15, 06:12 PM
if you buy an aluminum differential, it will come with an aluminum ear thing.

the mr-02's use 9 bearings total: 2 for each front wheel, 2 for the motorpod, and 2 for the rear right wheel. at least i think thats how it it goes. i know there are 8. plus one if you are using a ball diff

Glad you decided to get a Z!!

2008.11.15, 06:30 PM
MR-02 uses 7 bearings.

4 in the front (2 for each wheel), 2 in the motor mount to support the axle, and 1 in the outer right rear wheel.

The inner right rear wheel will be supported by the gear diff or the bearing that comes with the ball diff if you upgrade. The left rear wheel uses plastic bushings since they don't spin against the hub and are lighter.

2008.11.15, 06:45 PM
dangit ruf, i knew someone would correct me :rolleyes:

btw, sorry to jack the thread, but ruf, i saw those RR vids from the pnwc, and they were pretty sweet. i lol'd at the singing one :D