View Full Version : Faking the brass servo spacer in an MR02?

2008.11.15, 07:54 PM

Long story short, I'm building another MR02 from bits and pieces all over the place. One thing I don't seem to have is the little brass spacer that keeps the MR02 servo gears from going to full lock when the servo motor powers up.

Anybody ever faked one with something and did it work well?

Thanks for your advice.

2008.11.15, 08:32 PM
the outer coating of some stiff wire,you can cut it thin enough with a sharp blade

2008.11.16, 12:12 AM
I've used a thin piece of soldering wire and just wrapped it around the pin. Surprisingly, it stayed fixed in place for a really really long time without trouble.

2008.11.16, 03:16 AM
You can try the Atomic plastic CG spacers. They have a very small outside diameter, and are .3mm thick.