View Full Version : mr-02 bodies

2008.11.16, 10:24 AM
do bodies that are for mr-02 fit on a mr-015?

2008.11.16, 11:18 AM
All except the Pan Car body. The cars just wont have the proper front offset with the wheels that come with the MR02 body.

2008.11.16, 12:31 PM
i thought that was correct to say but i don't have enough knowledge of all the bodies like you have

2008.11.16, 11:05 PM
I dream offsets and wheelbases in my sleep. Those 90mm ones give me nightmares!!! (except for the F40 :))

2008.11.17, 03:20 PM
yeah and i must dream of horsepower then because thats all i have and you know what i usally say "you can't fire a cannon from a canoe"