View Full Version : mr-015 vs m-02

2008.11.16, 03:29 PM
what is better and why a mr015 mr02?

2008.11.16, 04:22 PM
i think it comes down to driving style and persoanl choice for chassis layout. I like the feel of the laydown batt style of the MR02 but I know guys here who swear by the MR015 and it's side top/bottom configuration.

They both perform well in certain circumstances so I don't know if I'm any help.:D

2008.11.16, 05:25 PM
The 015 is as comptetitive as the 02 if the set up is correct. In fact the 015 chassis layout is better than the 02. The weight distribution is better on the 015. A local fast guy at my track has been running a 015 chassis for a while now. He has been doing fantastic. Top 3 for as long as I can remember. But like Cowboy said it also comes down to set up skill, and driving style.


2008.11.16, 05:42 PM
it seems that the 015 car transitions alittle faster on smaller tracks because of its high center of gravity,

2008.11.16, 05:46 PM
at higher speeds, the mr-015s really like to flip

2008.11.16, 06:15 PM
yeah but guys have been putting weights down low on the car to help with this and it does work and doesn't slow the car to much

2008.11.16, 06:50 PM
but then you might as well get an 02, so then you can add weight to have a high cog, or just leave it and have a lighter, quicker version.

2008.11.16, 09:39 PM
the higher center of gravity should not be a problem once i get a li-ion kit.

2008.11.16, 10:39 PM
The main thing about the MR015, is that the mass is more centrally located than the MR02. This allows a faster rotation.

Spin with your arms out as fast as you can for 5 rotations, then do the same with your arms at your sides. Which takes less time to spin, and uses less energy.

Once you add the CG into play, I feel that it adds a little more grip in the mid corner than the MR02 has, there is more chassis roll. Which is what causes roll overs when the setup is not correct. On an MR02 chassis if the setup is not correct, it is much harder to tell than with the MR015. The MR02 car will usually just push a bit, or be a little loose. MR015 is much easier to find when the setup isnt working. If the front tires have too much bite, the car will flip.

Tire choice is key to setup both chassis', however, to setup the MR015, thinner tires are usually better. I true my tires down to lower the profile a little. This makes a softer compound have a little less grip. I ran 6d PN front tires at the PNWC with about 1mm profile, and now have 8d PN with a little more than 2mm profile. I have more grip with the 8d tires than the 6d due to more sidewall bite.

I run 40d Atomic standard front tires trued down to 1.5mm on my 96mm MR015 R32 Skyline, which made a 3 way tie for the 2nd fastest lap at Saturdays race against 2 MR02 McLarens. I had the fastest lap with my MR015 McLaren :D Im going to miss running it in stock class :(

One thing that I have noticed, on the medium-lower grip tracks, the MR02 chassis runs better with a body that has higher CG. Murcielago, 360GTC, 350GT... They generate more body roll, and load the outside wheel a little more. If you were to compare a very low CG body with the MR015 chassis, the 015 would have more agility.

I only added weight to the bottom of the chassis to make weigh in at the PNWC. I finished B4, where I was the only person running the 015 chassis in a world of MR02's. I tried to centrally locate the weight as well, and balance the chassis.

I like the MR015 more than the MR02 for stock class racing. For modified, I prefer the MR02 since it pushes more on throttle, making it easier to control under power.