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2008.11.17, 12:43 AM
Ok, so I went down to Nekocon with a pretty good feeling that everything was going to go pretty well... I never get my expectations too high, but I'm trying to be a bit more positive about my driving lately. As soon as I get there, I give the herd the usual test run to see what's closer off the bat, I give the F1 a spin and it seems a bit out of whack... I pick the car up and I come to the realization that there are no rear springs! Duh! I go to my box and realize I forgot to pack my F1 gear! Double Duh! So, after pan-handling for some springs and tires (thanks Landon, Mike and Jeremy!) I get it back on the track.

After a few laps I begin to notice a bad spin issue... I pick the car up and eyeball it for the obvious stuff, loose screws, over-tightened wheel nut, over tightened diff, front suspension bind, etc... nothing!, everything looks cool. I'm lost... after a few more laps, I come to the harsh reality that there is no more endpoint adjustment left in my radio... I'm maxed out one direction and maxed down the other! This is just whacky to me... the track was slick, but this is reeeediculous! I go over the car again and still can find nothing, tires all look lined up, tires all have good tread, diff isn't binding... what the?

So... I just pretty much gave in and dealt with the fact that you can't win them all (or any... if I think about my long career with the F1 :rolleyes:) so I just decide to be an out of the way jam car for the race and have fun with the rest of the event.

A few days ago, I was trying to get my cars back together and I finally got around to the F1. I did a complete disassembly... everything looked cool until I got to the knuckles. Now, this really bugged me out when I compared the two... first thing I notice is the delrin spring seat inside the one knuckle, it's sitting about 1 or 2mm above the alloy of the knuckle. Wow... that can really happen?!?!... and it can cause that extent of tweak? I was mystified! You can't really see this until you get the spring out, so that explains why I couldn't find it down there... but could it really be the cause? I give it a good stomp back down in with my thumb, throw the exact same setup on it and throw it back on the track for some of the smoothest laps I've ever run on my home track! Wow... how long could this have been going on?...did it happen just that first day?... I've had these knuckles forever!

So, proving once again how delicate the setup can be for these F1s, 1 or 2mm of part displacement equals complete loss of handling!

I'm pretty sure they are Kyosho knuckles, sorry but I can't be 100% sure here but like I said, I've had them forever. But I definitely know if I ever have a scenario like this again, it's certainly going to be one more thing to check!

Always learning! Sorry for the long post but as you can probably figure out, I'm just in awe of the tuning issues I keep running into! :D

2008.11.17, 07:28 AM
good post Ed, I've had this happen to knuckles on my MR-02. :o

2008.11.17, 07:32 AM
Good tip Ed. I wish you had told me you were having that kind of problem. I just thought you were having tire concerns. I carry enough extra stuff to build almost a complete car for any of the classes that I'm running. I wish you had asked.

Antway, it was good to have you there and good you made it back OK. The Suzu probably has a bad packing ring in the water pump. It is spinning intermittently on the shaft so sometimes when you shut it off it is in the wrong position and will leak. I've seen it before.

2008.11.17, 07:55 AM
I think you're right there about the waterpump... I've never run across it but it makes perfect sense. It still hasn't sprung again as of yet... maybe the long drive down there got it twirling a bit.

2008.11.17, 02:50 PM
Ed, glad to see that you got you're problems sorted out with the F1.. I could tell that something seemed wrong with the way you're car was handling at Nekocon.. I was hopeing that the tires I gave you would help you're situation, but if you're knuckles are binding you're definately going to have steering issues..

2008.11.17, 03:06 PM
It really was incredible how much it changed with just that fix, the car is perfectly balanced now... I even have both endpoints perfectly level with each other on both sides!

Oh... one more thing, and I'm not sure if anyone else has run into this... I wish the "snout" on the main servo gear was just a hair longer... seems to be at the point of dis-engaging from the potentiometer on my F1. I noticed this when I was putting it all back together, and it's really close to popping out! The servo assembly bulkheads are all seated correctly too.

I wonder of anyone could manufacture a long snout main servo gear for these cars? Usually for my MR02s, I do some creative shaving/snipping on the bulkheads to shorten the distance between the gear and the pot, that way it seats tighter. This is not a possibillity with the F1 though.

Just an idea...