View Full Version : MR01 can i use a different board?

2008.11.17, 05:40 PM
can i use a mini-z overland board? in an MR01. im buying an mr01 and the board isnt working im just wondering if i can use the overland board?

2008.11.17, 07:46 PM
You will have to wire the overland board the same as the mr01 board, but it will work.

2008.11.17, 07:57 PM
whats the difference in wiring?

2008.11.17, 09:43 PM
Do you ask because you already have an OL board, or you cannot find an MR01 board? I have 2 MR01 boards... one is 100% unused, and one has about 20 laps on it.

2008.11.17, 09:48 PM
well i have an overland and im buying an mr01 thats kinda screwed. pm me with price of the board