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2008.11.17, 10:17 PM
The new regs in F1 aerodynamics have been formalized first by the BMW/sauber team...if this link doesn't work go to speedtvdotcom and check how farking ridiculous it looks.

No aero management at all...it's almost like they're not even trying anymore.:(


(sarcasm rich statement) when can I get this in autoscale form?!:rolleyes:

2008.11.18, 08:31 AM
I hope they all don't go this route (looking at the pic, I felt like I was back in Jr. High!). I just don't get it... look, retro is cool in my book, but not for F1! That front wing is just waiting to be knocked off. If Kyosho does make Autoscales with the new designs, they'll have to design a wider bumper for sure... at least for this one so far.

2008.11.18, 01:35 PM
Wide flat front wing and tall skinny rear wing? Barf. Looks like a lower formula.

2008.11.18, 03:35 PM
From what I've heard, there is also the possibility of a spec engine package, too.
If they go that route, might as well call it Indy Car Europe....sheeeeze ! LOL

2008.11.18, 06:12 PM
spec engine is off the books for a while...the big three competitors threatened to pull out.

Even the lower formula of F2, GP2 et al have a decent looking car...that in my books looks unbalanced. It's promoting passing by sacrificng technology.:rolleyes:

2008.11.19, 05:56 AM
F1 funnycars!!! lol

That BMW looks even sader than an A1 car.

Somebody should shoot Berny Eckelstone, he has been there to long and has lost it (except for the DOLLARS offcourse, in that he keeps gaining!).

Point of all these silly regulations; they want to reduce costs!
Why then ban customercars, which is a good way for a little team to compete for resonable prices, and beat the manufacturer at its own game??? Now only if you are a well funded manufacturer team you got a chance. Sad when teams like Torro Rosso, wich did so wel with limited budget, risk being wiped of the list. Even Williams can see its succesful and rich history becoming only that; HISTORY.

And why in hell is there 18 GP's? less races; less costs and risks for the teams and drivers! 12 races is more than enough.

Well we willl see how it works out next season, you better watch, could be its last!