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2008.11.19, 02:38 PM
Trying to find the best and cleanest solution for connecting transponder wires. Could I connect my transponder wires directly to the + and - motor terminals on the board either by solder contact or the use of motor tabs? Any implications?

2008.11.19, 02:59 PM
What type of transponder?

Usually the absolute best method is to direct solder to the power leads of the board.

On our GiroZs I take the easy route and bolt the harness up to power leads.

Pardon the dust on my car (it gets driven WAY more than it gets cleaned ;)) but these pics will show you where I bolt mine up on my MR02s.



BTW, the GiroZ transponders work if you bolt them to the motor leads, but I believe TRP reccomends against it because of the voltage fluctuations. Also, you would have to be on throttle for the counter to be reading.

2008.12.18, 08:32 AM
great pics -thanks

in that setup--do you need to be on throttle for the transponder to work?

i screwed the red and black wires underneath the shock-but thats doesnt seem like a good idea bc the transponder requires me to be on throttle for it to work...

2008.12.18, 08:48 AM
if you mount the lead as the pic it will power the transponder when your car is switched on, you won't need to be on power like if you attach them to the motor terminals, which is an incorrect mounting.

2008.12.18, 08:53 AM
Mounted like the pic, you will need to unplug it, or remove your batteries when not in use, as it will drain the battery continuesly.

2008.12.18, 10:17 AM
great thanks! anymore cool tips to offer?

2008.12.18, 03:44 PM
great thanks! anymore cool tips to offer?
If you have 2.4GHZ then there is enough room for you to put the transpondeur inside the chassis. I want to mount one car like that, I saw it and it looks very clean, no wires... I hope I can show it to you soon...

2008.12.18, 05:56 PM
run the wire inside the PCB cover and drill a hole on top of the, "mini-z" decal for the plug. That's the cleanest I've seen so far.

2008.12.21, 04:27 PM
I am running 2.4 and would really love to consider hiding the wires under the PCB cover as mentioned. Who wants to be the first to post pics? tutorial? Is there a standard "connector" that everyone uses for transponders? Is it the ones PN manufactures? Thanks

2008.12.24, 01:19 PM
I have the i-Lap counter, and the transponders are very similar to the giro-z's transponders. I even use the same connectors, and mount them the same was as shown by hrdrvr (thanks to wcrotty for that advice). Good to see that some of you are cleaning that up a bit by routing the wires inside the chassis cover - that's the kind of thing that make these forums awesome - I'd love to see even more details.

Mounting the transponders like hrdrvr should have these babies "on" even without the power switch to the car being switched on (assuming the transponder is connected). The i-Lap transponder flashes red once power is applied, and that happens as soon as the batteries are plugged into the car. I can read laps with or without the car being on, and I would assume the giro-z should do the same.

From what I've been told from the i-lap manufacturer, these transponders pull extremely little power from the batteries, so the concern about having these drain your batteries as you sit waiting for the race shouldn't be too much of a worry. I suspect that if you are concerned - and I know many racers do stress the little things to give every slight advantage - you just wait until the last minute to finish popping in that last battery.

Happy ho ho,


2008.12.24, 10:41 PM
blt456 thanks for the sweet pics. Looks nice and clean -- i think you've inspired me to do the same to my cars.

2008.12.25, 02:10 AM
Surely there must be a way to wire it so that it doesn't get power until the car is switched on?

Don't really know, don't run one. But if I did, that's the setup I'd be looking for...


2008.12.25, 08:33 PM
Surely there must be a way to wire it so that it doesn't get power until the car is switched on?

Don't really know, don't run one. But if I did, that's the setup I'd be looking for...


Solder the wires parallel to the switch maybe?

2008.12.26, 02:20 AM
If anyone really wants me to I'll be willing to uncover the board and get a few more shots of the wiring.... it's pretty straight forward though: hardwire to battery terminal (or even board!), and run it straight across to have as much wire extruding the hole in the pcb cover.

I ran my - wire straight across and my + wire behind the ics plug... so it won't snag under the board cover (make sure when wiring the wires are placed in the middle of the terminal or the board cover will squish the wires).

I would appreciate the pictues - for sure. :cool:


2008.12.30, 11:37 AM
blt thanks for posting the pics -- truly helpful.