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2008.11.20, 02:16 PM
This will be a place we can discuss our race and practice schedule. Ill get in the habit of posting here when I know Ill be at the track. It will also be good ofr posting any schedule changes or conflicts.

First up, next week, Im going to take wednesday as a practice day. Id like to finish up early so we can switch the layout over the the turkey event layout. This way Ill find out if there are any extra tiles I need to get our good friends from NC to bring down as loaners. We will also be taking the extra time to get the pit stations, registration tables and all that good stuff set up.

Otherwise we will see you friday for race night! Big E needs to do something to get back out in front. :D

Oh yeah, over in the other thread Andy posted about being at the track on sunday. He is welcoming any one to come run with him for some practice to get dialed in for the 29th. Ill let him chime in with what time frame he will be here.

Daddy Rabbit
2008.11.20, 03:53 PM
I will not be at the track on Friday night:(,but you guys hve a good race.:)

We will traveling back on saturday and stopping by Bandits, if anyone needs anything.

I will be at the track on Sunday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm, if anyone is interested in coming to practice.
I will leave the yard gate open so you will not have to come in the front door,
just drive around the back and park and come in the back door of the track.

Let me if anyone is coming.

Ed Roberts
2008.11.20, 06:01 PM

Jamies just order my car and it will be here next Tue. so I'm good to go for Wed. and the 29th. The only thing I don't have is a transponder or a transmitter, if you know anyone that could help please let me know.



2008.11.20, 06:38 PM
Ill take care of you on the transponder. Im sure we can find find some one to help you out on a Tx :D

2008.11.21, 08:08 AM
Landon, what is needed for an Xmitter?

2008.11.21, 09:18 AM
A KT-18 or anything he can bind to his new 2.4 Z. He doesnt want to have to buy one just for this race. Hes got an adaptor for his M11 and a module coming, but it wont be here in time for this event.

Daddy Rabbit
2008.11.23, 09:06 AM
What is the schedule for next week before the Saturday event?
Are you racing Wed and Fri nights?
When are all the out of towners coming in?

2008.11.23, 09:08 AM
wish i had read this sooner, i have a spare kt-18 i would have given you.

2008.11.23, 11:05 AM
What is the schedule for next week before the Saturday event?
Are you racing Wed and Fri nights?
When are all the out of towners coming in?

First up, next week, Im going to take wednesday as a practice day. Id like to finish up early so we can switch the layout over the the turkey event layout. This way Ill find out if there are any extra tiles I need to get our good friends from NC to bring down as loaners. We will also be taking the extra time to get the pit stations, registration tables and all that good stuff set up.

This was from the first post. I wasnt planning on running friday. Wednesday Im hoping that we can get a little time with the cars we havent been running on wednesdays and fridays. Ill have the timer running and anyone who wants to come can. Sarah will probably come over and get accustomed to the computer while we practice.

I dont know when all the out of towners are coming. Matt is likely going to already be down, but he is also likely going to be tied up with family. Hank is coming up in the morning and I assume most of the NC guys will too. If you want to open up some friday track time, you should post it over in the race thread and let people know.

wish i had read this sooner, i have a spare kt-18 i would have given you.

Thanks Arch! We got it worked out though. ;)

2008.12.02, 09:32 AM
This week we are going to be running on wednesday like regular. Ill probably be running the Turkey event layout for the last day. Friday, my dad and I both are going to be out of town. It looks like a few other folks have prior engagements too, so racing friday is out. In the mean time we are going to be relocating the track room wall.

Next wednesday we are back on, but the room may be a little out of wack. The wall should be compete, but the electricity situation may be a little shotty. We will prbably be limited to the existing pit space until the room is complete. Even after the room is complete there may be another couple of days tfor me to get the pit tables in order.

Ill be asking for ideas and suggestions (dont get offended if I dont use 'em :D) on wednesday, so if there is anything you can think of that our room needs, now is the time to speak up about it.

Ed Roberts
2008.12.02, 09:43 AM

So how far are you going to move the wall out and are you going to do what we talked about yeasterday with the driver stand?

2008.12.02, 10:10 AM
Im only going to be extending the race room in the long direction. I dont think Ill have enough width to do what we talked about for your place. I will probably have a drivers "stand" in the near future. Itll just be two steps high, and youll enter it from the front. Youll just be up against the wall, which will make for more room for the track. We should be able to run layouts the same as the current one, and not have as many space constraints.

Ed Roberts
2008.12.02, 10:23 AM
That's cool, let me know if you need any help.

2008.12.02, 10:26 AM
Oh, and as far as how big the room will be, the temp wall we had up will now be the permenant wall. The permenant wall will come down.

Off topic: I found out, I do have the 2007 version of ACadd. Im trying to remember how to save to an older file type so you can open it in v2006. Once I get it, Ill send it over again. In the mean time, Im working on a layout :D

2008.12.08, 12:18 PM
how is the remodling going are there going to be any on running this week??

Daddy Rabbit
2008.12.08, 04:09 PM

I am sure that LT will there Wed. & Fri., he is on the road today, he will post the days tomorrow. I am in Fl. but I'll see you Wed week.

It sure is good to hear from you, we thought that you fell off the face of the earth.

2008.12.09, 09:17 AM
nope still here just busy this time of the year. hope to see ya at the track this week.

Daddy Rabbit
2008.12.09, 09:57 AM

The track will be open at CFI this Wed. and Fri., regular hours.
Landon is traveling today and will be at the track tomorrow. Have fun guys and I will see you in a week.

2008.12.11, 09:45 AM
Sorry for the delayed replies.....

We had a good night of racing last night, and I look forward to another on friday.

Last night did take an extra long time. We got started about 30 minutes late, then suffered numerous delays. I want to go ahead and get strict on hold-ups. From now on, Im going to run all the one class race nights with 3 qualifiers. Im going to be strict about the time in between though. We will have 5 minutes between heats and not any more. 5 minutes is plenty for you to get your batteries put in and get your transponder checked. If you dont get checked within the 5 minute period, you can still run, but if there is some sort of problem with the transponder/lap counter, its on you, not me.

This will also give you 15 minutes between each of your races (race, 5 minute break, other heat runs, 5 minute break, race again), which should be plenty of time for battery charging and adjustments to the cars. If major adjustments end up taking more than your time, you will just have to forfit one of your Q rounds. I reccomend using the practice time before the Qrounds start for these major adjustments, and use the time between rounds for tweaking and minor adjustments.

There will be a short delay before the mains, and between the mains. This should give plenty of time for every one to be prepped for a good run, and allow the bump-up hopefuls to get a second set of batteries going for the A.

The last thing Im going to be hard on, is getting started at 6:00 sharp. At 5 til 6, Ill post the heats and start a 5 minute timer for the first group to get on track and checked in. At 6 we roll off the line to begin the night. If people know they are coming, and call ahead of time, Ill drop them into the last qualifying group, so they can hopefully make it before they start. Real life hold-ups happen, and I dont want people to be turned off from racing because they cant be here until 10 after. In that case, they will be rushed to get started, but can get by only missing one Q round. This is another of the pluses to going to 3 rounds.

I hope this doesnt come of harsh, as its not meant to be. I like the relaxed atmosphere weve always had in our track room, and have always enjoyed the fact that we run on no schedule, and there was no set time to be ready, or to have to be on the track. With us getting more organized and running heats/mains/etc.., its just taking flat out too long now. Its not like the old days, when I can say, Okay, thats enough, Im going home now. These days, I want to be here until the mains are run, and I feel obligated to be here running the CPU. Atleast 4 of the last 6 race nights I havent made it home before 9pm. If this trend continues, Ill likely have to chose between my wife and my race time :D Its not fair for me to have to make that choice, when I know we can do this the right way, get in plenty of racing, and still get home at decent times. I know its possible as weve been done by 7:30 with two groups running 3 Q rounds in the past. This also doesnt mean Im going to shove you out the door as soon as the A-main is done. There will still be hang out and BS time after the races are run, and those that want to stick around and try to get in a few more test laps will be welcome to do so with the lap timer (you may have to run it yourself though). It will hopefully allow more people to participate beings that it wont take up the whole night. Heck, you may even be able to win a main and make it home for dinner :D

Feedback and suggestions welcome! See you on friday!

2008.12.11, 01:39 PM
I hope you don't mind my input. I think you have a good plan laid out!

At Highspeed we start at 7 and are usually done by nine. We run three classes and alternate between them running two classes every Thursday. We always run stock and alternate between F-1 and modified. We run two, four minute qualifiers and one eight minute main per class. If we have only a few racers we have been known to run three qualfiers.

Most guys seem to get to the track 1 to 3 hours before the race, this really seems to be the key to being ready to race. At least for me anyway. I like that you are running 3qualifiers, so if for some reason you are not ready you still have several opportunities to qualify.

Well, I hope to make it out to race with you all soon. I haven't touched my cars since our last encounter. I have got my lap counter up and running so I should get some club racing going soon here in Greensboro, NC.

Jay :)

Daddy Rabbit
2008.12.17, 07:22 PM
Sounds great, we look foward to a possible invite to come race with you guys.:)
Good luck on your future club racing.

2008.12.19, 07:33 AM
Thanks for the input Jay! I think its a good plan, and if you guys can run two classes in two hours with the amount of participation you have, we should have no problems getting in one class in the same amount of time with less people :D

I cant wait until you get your track set up. Interclub competitions will really help this scale grow IMO, and we need more of them on the east coast! Most of our newer racers have been bugging me about when and where the next road trip is. Maybe itll be to your raceway :D

2008.12.20, 11:38 PM
Sorry that friday was cancled I was looking foward to running hope we get to run again soon.

2008.12.21, 10:44 AM
2EZ - Participation is sketchy at best around the hollidays :D We would have been alone :( On nights we cancel out, you should swing by the 843 track. It looks like theyve got people practicing almost every night these days :D

We are going to play next wednesday by ear (its looking good so far), but we will have to start earlier than normal. We are knocking off after lunch, so racing will begin sometime shortly after that (is 2pm ok for any one?). My dad and I will both have family in town, and will likely need to start the christmas thing that evening. Eric says he will have the kids down sometime around lunch as well, so weve got 5 allready (Thats enough for me :D). Id like to turn this weeks times in for the HFAY event, but since none of us have legal 70t motors, I will just do the LM class results (The box stock motor is fine for HFAY). Because of this Ill allow regular racer wheels in the spec class for this one week. FWIW, I think my LM is as fast as it can be on the LM whees and tires. Id also like to run mod. We all have cars that fit those specs, so if three are interested, Ill run that class as well. Id love to run F1 too, but that would entail us all switching our motors out to box stock, and would probably make for a lengthy day if weve got a lot of folks racing.

Im out for next friday. Ill be headed ouut to GA to see some of Sarah's family. Itll be all up to Daddy Rabbit as to wether he will open the doors any over that weekend. Im sure he will chime in, or contact the regulars by other means (meaning me :D).

2008.12.21, 08:34 PM
me and the boys should be their wed.i'm down for some mod if my car don't flip a hundred times at the end of the straight:(.hope santa brings me a stock chassie:). cya wed

2008.12.22, 07:35 AM
I dont think youll have the flipping problem as bad on our little straight :D My car was traction rolling on the big track saturday too, and I hardly ever have trouble on our track. I may have to drop the ATM motor back in mine to hang with you though :D

See ya then!

2008.12.25, 11:16 AM
merry christmas:):).

the new pits are awesome,it opens up the whole area.

2009.01.02, 10:44 AM
Hay Guys what is the schedule looking like now that we are thru the Holidays?? I hoop to get some track time in soon.

2009.01.04, 02:10 PM
We will definitly be racing wednesday night, and should have a pretty edecent crowd now that the hollidays are past us.

We will play fridya by ear, based on participation. We should be abel to get some commitments on wednesday.

2009.01.06, 05:39 PM
i'm a 100 miles away and ready to strick:D.cya tomorrow:p

2009.01.06, 06:55 PM
Cool, here is a pic of the new layout ;)


2009.01.06, 06:58 PM
your email is down again. Let me know when it's fixed.

2009.01.12, 08:33 AM
^ I thinks its finally sorted Mike.

We had a great turn-out last wednesday. Hopefully we have as many this week :D Ill be racing wednesday, but not friday this week. My dad is out of town, so no practice friday either, atleast not after 4 :D

MINIz guy11
2009.01.17, 09:03 PM
I know this is early but we will be by the Myrtle Beach area sometime around April 5-12 (Good Friday Weekend) after visiting the BMW Zentrum. Just a quick question, will you guys be open for racing that week?

2009.01.17, 11:22 PM
^ Its a little far to tell, but I dont see any reason we wouldnt be racing :D Between us and 843 R/C Hobbies (http://minizracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30358), Im sure there will be some miniZ racing action going on.

We will definitly be racing this wednesday :D

MINIz guy11
2009.01.21, 01:22 PM
Alright, no problem.

I'll be sure to ask when it gets closer to April!

2009.04.06, 08:36 AM
^ Its April 6th and I havent heard from you. Are you still coming in town? We will be racing this week at 843 R/C Hobbies on wednesday and friday night from 6 til...

For Tannie and the other guys who check htis out, and may not have heard, I will be doing a test and tune session over at 843 the next few wednesdays atleast. There has been a lot of interest in the PNWC event which is coming at the end of May, and the general concensus says they want to get their cars dialed for that event. My MiniZ time has been limited lately, so Im happy to get to spend my few weekly hours over on the big track with the cars Ill be running in the event.

James seems to think that we will only need a week or two to get our cars set up, and then after that we will resume the regular schedule. As of right now, Im willing to go with this until the event, but we will see how it pans out.

I will post here when the schedule resumes, but for now, see ya at 843 on wednesday night!

Oh, and BTW, you may have to remind James (I will as well), but he has promised all of my MBMZR members their regular wednesday club rates, so it wont cost you any thing extra to run there as long as we are doing this temp deal.

2009.04.12, 10:17 AM
Ive had a change of heart about running/testing/tuning over at 843 on wedensdays. I got over there about 2:30 on wednesday so I could get some work in on my cars before being available to every one else at 4. I got most of my stuff pretty diealed (my stock car is still a tad slow, and my pan is way out of control (but it is FAST!), so Ive got more work to do :D

Jeffrey was there, so I helped him with his set up, allthough I think I may have just helped him head in the right direction. He still has some set up decisions to make, and some more work to be done to his car. Chad came in shortly after 4, and we talked set up a bit. Other than those two, no one showed up who was interested in any type of testing/tuning discussion. As far as that went, the night was mostly a wash.

Racing wasnt much better, as I think the James and the regulars over at 843 are used to the friday/saturday pace, which is a bit slower than we are used to for wedesday nights (we shoot for done by 8, and most nights I am home by 9). As much as Id like to get in more track time over at the big track until the PNWC event, I dont want to give up my wednesday race night, whch is essentially what happend this week, as I had to leave before the qualifiers even started. James ended up running every one together, and got in one qualifier and one main, so every one could get home at a decent time, so it wasnt a total loss for those who stuck around. If Daddy Rabbit and I would have stuck around, it would have been too many people on the track, so I guess it worked out right for every one else.

Anyway, I guess I could have left the explaination out, but then I dont think that would have been fair for those who wonder where Im coming from. I hope this doesnt complicate any ones plans this week, and every one should know, that my feelings wont be hurt at all if you end up running at 843 instead of our place on wednesday.

See you guys wednesday!